Minecraft: Java Edition 1.19.3 enters pre-release testing with new snapshot

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What you need to know

  • Mojang Studios has been working hard on the 1.19.3 patch update for Minecraft: Java Edition.
  • The update will include plenty of bug fixes and technical changes, and new features like Creative Inventory and Vex redesigns.
  • On Tuesday, the studio released the first pre-release snapshot for the 1.19.3 update.
  • If all goes to plan, Minecraft: Java Edition 1.19.3 will be released for all players on Dec. 6, 2022.

The next major Minecraft content update is in the works, but in the meantime Mojang Studios has been prepping a more modest, but still important, patch update for the ongoing creative survival game. On Tuesday, the studio released the first pre-release snapshot for the 1.19.3 patch update for Minecraft: Java Edition.

The patch update has been in testing in a plethora of previous snapshots, and includes a substantial number of bug fixes and general changes, as well as new features and updates such as major tweaks to the Creative Inventory organization and the Vex mob design. The latest snapshot, and the first pre-release for the build, doesn't include many exciting changes, but it does give players a timeline for when they can expect the full release.

Minecraft players can expect the complete 1.19.3 patch update, which features many improvements for one of PC's greatest games, should arrive in its entirety on Dec. 6, 2022, as long as testing of its pre-release snapshots go well. Interested players can now install the first one now to submit feedback to Mojang Studios and help the process along.

The full changelog for Minecraft: Java Edition 1.19.3 Pre-Release 1 includes:

Technical changes


  • Added new entity sub-predicate types: `axolotl`, `boat`, `fox`, `mushroom`, `painting`, `rabbit`, `horse`, `llama`, `villager`, `parrot`, `tropical_fish`
  • `fillbiome` command now supports a filtered mode
  • Player Heads can now contain a `note_block_sound` field
    • When present, this determines the sound a note block makes when the head is placed on top of it

Entity sub-predicate types

  • Added new entity sub-predicates for some entity types with variants:
  • `axolotl`
    • `variant` — values: `lucy`, `wild`, `gold`, `cyan`, `blue`
  • `boat`
    • Works for boats, chest boats and rafts
    • `variant` — values: `oak`, `spruce`, `birch`, `jungle`, `acacia`, `dark_oak`, `mangrove`, `bamboo`
  • `fox`
    • `variant` — values: `red`, `snow`
  • `mooshroom`
    • `variant` — values: `red`, `brown`
  • `painting`
    • `variant` — values: see `painting_variant` registry
  • `rabbit`
    • `variant` — values: `brown`, `white`, `black`, `white_splotched`, `gold`, `salt`, `evil`
  • `horse`
    • `variant` — values: `white`, `creamy`, `chestnut`, `brown`, `black`, `gray`, `dark_brown`
    • Markings are separate value and not matched
  • `llama`
    • `variant` — values: `creamy`, `white`, `brown`, `gray`
  • `villager`
    • `variant` — values: see `villager_type` registry
    • Also works for Zombie Villagers
    • Profession and level are separate values and not matched
  • `parrot`
    • `variant` — values: `red_blue`, `blue`, `green`, `yellow_blue`, `gray`
  • `tropical_fish`
    • `variant` —values: `kob`, `sunstreak`, `snooper`, `dasher`, `brinely`, `spotty`, `flopper`, `stripey`, `glitter`, `blockfish`, `betty`, `clayfish`

'fillbiome' command

  • Now supports a filtered form. New syntax:
    • `fillbiome <from> <to> <biome> [replace <filter>]`
  • New parameter:
    • `filter`: A biome or biome tag to replace

Fixed bugs


  • Villager pathfinding broken in water
  • Weaponsmith working subtitle is “Grindstone used” instead of “Weaponsmith works”
  • Armorer working subtitle is “Blast Furnace crackles” instead of “Armorer works”
  • Certain mobs can’t get out of water that is at least two blocks deep
  • Extra copper ore generates in deep dark
  • `minecraft.used:minecraft.BOOK_TYPE` doesn’t increase when placing books onto chiseled bookshelves
  • Axolotls commonly hesitate when avoiding danger and occasionally start pathfinding in dangerous directions
  • Elements within the game menu are now positioned slightly lower than they were in previous versions
  • Vex texture does not utilize translucency
  • Vex does not sit in boats and minecarts properly anymore
  • Not a valid port error in Open to LAN doesn’t show if port is <1024
  • The cursor in the port number text box doesn’t blink
  • The word “number” isn’t capitalized in “Port number”
  • Inventory menu has broken textures with Programmer Art enabled
  • Top and bottom texture of chiseled bookshelf rotates depending on placement
  • Allay movement AI is broken in 22w42a+ causing them to sometimes spin mid-air
  • You cannot scroll with the mouse wheel on the telemetry screen after clicking the “Open my data” or “Data collection” button
  • The word “pair” uses the incorrect verb form within the `telemetry.event.world_loaded.description` string
  • Baby piglins and zombified piglins take damage when they hit their head on a block
  • Piglin Head placed on noteblock play the piglin angry sound instead of the piglin ambient sound
  • The `fillbiome` command can result in flickering biome colors
  • Sculk sensors are not activated upon taking books from chiseled bookshelves
  • The “Hide messages” button in the social interactions menu can now no longer be toggled due to it being executed twice upon being pressed

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