'Mouse' looks like a Cuphead and DOOM mash-up, and it's coming to Xbox and PC

Mouse by Fumi Games
(Image credit: Fumi Games)

What you need to know

  • Fumi Games is a team of artists from Poland, focused on bringing fresh ideas to independent games. 
  • Their latest project is Mouse, which is a retro-styled shooter with a 1920s cartoon aesthetic. 
  • The game has no announced launch window, but is targeting Xbox and PC for a future release. 

Retro first-person shooters are pretty en vogue right now, with titles like Prodeus, Project Warlock, and many more. I saw someone recently refer to them as boomer shooters, which doesn't make me feel old at all. Whatever you want to call them, they are pretty damn awesome, and the team at Fumi Games seems to agree. 

I recently came across the game Mouse on Steam, and it immediately captured my imagination. Not content with one solitary layer of retroism, Mouse takes the strafe-heavy 2.5D environs of Wolfenstein 3D and DOOM and slathers on a classic 1920s noir cartoon veneer. Cuphead would be proud. 

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The game seems to be very early in development judging by its screenshots and video trailers, but has already gone somewhat viral for its unique take on the genre. According to Fumi Games' website, Mouse is planned to launch on Xbox, PC, and Nintendo Switch. 

"Join private detective John Mouston in MOUSE, a gritty, jazz-fueled shooter. With guns blazing and a retro rubber hose animation style, battle your way through a corrupt city full of crooks and danger. Inspired by classic FPS and noir films, MOUSE is the explosive shooter you’ve been waiting for."

Fumi Games is also developing a game called Galaxy Taxi, which again seems to draw upon inspiration from Cuphead, taking the side-scrolling action and washing it in a 1990s Nickelodeon-inspired art style. Galaxy Taxi is also slated for Nintendo Switch, Xbox, and PC, and looks pretty rad in its own right. 

Very little about Fumi Games exists beyond the game's Steam Page, but it already looks like this Polish developer could be on a path to a bright indie future. Mouse looks absolutely excellent even in its protozoic state, and we'll be sure to follow its development for our upcoming Xbox games and upcoming PC games lists. For now, be sure to wishlist both games on Steam

Jez Corden
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