NACON has updated the RIG PRO headset range for Xbox and PC, available now

Rig Pro Series headsets in black and white
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What you need to know

  • NACON has launched its RIG PRO series in Europe today, they are already available for sale in the US.
  • There are eight headsets over three ranges: The RIG 300 PRO range, RIG 500 PRO GEN 2 range and the RIG 800 PRO. 
  • The headsets are priced across the ranges at €29.99, €79.99 and €199.99 respectively.

Nacon has refreshed its popular RIG PRO range by releasing eight new editions of its headsets to Europe and the UK. There are three ranges available each to suit a different budget, and for use with Xbox, Playstation, Nintendo Switch and PC. Read on for details on each unit.


Nacon RIG PRO 300 in Black

(Image credit: Nacon)

The RIG 300 PRO comes in at the lower end of the price scale at a pleasing £29.99/€29.99. You can check our our review of it's predecessor, the RIG 300 here. Nacon claim to still be able to deliver top-quality performance and comfortable wear at this price. This brand states this headset has an ultra-light frame for comfort, and the oversized earcups feature 40mm drivers for gamers to experience the deepest of bass. The microphone slides to the upright position for easy storage and gaming on the go. All the models in the range should be compatible with any device that has a 3.5mm jack however the recommended models for each platform are:

- 300 PRO HX for Xbox in black or white
- 300 PRO HS for Playstation in black or white
- 300 PRO HN for Nintendo Switch in black only


Nacon RIG 500 PRO GEN 2 in White

(Image credit: Nacon)

The RIG 500 PRO GEN 2 is an updated version of the first generation, adding some simple upgrades to the original design and coming in at a mid-range price point of £79.99/€79.99. The headband is supposedly durable and made of flexible steel, and the ear cushions are crafted from dual-material to block out external noises disturbing your gaming sessions. The 50mm drivers are optimized for games with 3D sound, so you should hear from exactly which direction you got gunned down in Overwatch 2. Generously, the RIG 500 PRO GEN 2 comes bundled with a 2-year code for Dolby Atmos. Like the other headsets in the range, this should be compatible with any device with a 3.5mm jack, however it comes with a Y-splitter cable ideal for soundcards and tailored toward the PC gaming market. The recommended models for your platform of choice are:

-500 PRO HC GEN 2 for consoles in black or white
-500 PRO HA GEN 2 for PC in black only

RIG 800 PRO 

RIG 800 PRO with base station

(Image credit: Nacon)

The RIG 800 PRO is the top of the range, and comes with a multi-functional base to both charge and store the headset. The base also provides a wireless connection, storing a removable USB adapter to be plugged into your PC or console. We reviewed it's previous version under Plantronics here.

The RIG 800 PRO is advertised as capable of 24-hour battery life from one single charging session. While visibly more luxurious than the other headsets in the range, it claims to be just as lightweight in the frame and also made with dual-material cushion ear cups. 40mm drivers deliver enhanced bass and 3D sound for audiophiles. The RIG 800 PRO is priced at £199.99/€199.99 and comes bundled with a lifetime Dolby Atmos license. The models available are as follows, and come in black only:

-800 PRO HX for Xbox
-800 PRO HS for Playstation
-800 PRO HD for PC

We'll have to put these headsets to the test to see how they stand up in what is an increasingly competitive market. Stay tuned for our review coming soon.

In the meantime, if you want to see our tried, tested, and Windows Central-approved headsets — check out our Best Xbox Headsets feature.

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