Overwatch 2 Season 2 to offer free skins in upcoming events, Sojourn nerf teased

Overwatch 2
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What you need to know

  • Overwatch 2 Executive Producer Jared Neuss recently published a blog post that confirms developer Blizzard is planning on improving the game's progression and rewards.
  • Starting in Season 2, Blizzard is offering a free earnable skin in each upcoming event. It's also committed to continuing Twitch Drops. 
  • In the far future, there are also plans to improve the Battle Pass and challenge system, while also introducing more "play-focused progression systems."
  • Blizzard is also looking into improvements for Competitive matchmaking and queue times. Additionally, Neuss also teased an upcoming Season 2 nerf to Sojourn.

In a new blog post from Overwatch 2's Executive Producer Jared Neuss, it has been revealed that developer Blizzard has plans to improve the game's rewards and progression systems moving forward. Fans will no doubt be happy to hear this, as players have widely criticized Overwatch 2's new free-to-play model since launch due to the hero shooter's high shop prices, low amounts of weekly earnable currency, and overall lack of play-focused rewards.

Specifically, Neuss says that starting in Overwatch 2 Season 2, Blizzard will make sure that each in-game event features a free earnable event skin alongside other challenge-based unlocks like weapon charms and voice lines. Additionally, the developers will continue offering Twitch Drops, giving fans the opportunity to obtain unlocks by watching Overwatch 2 streamers. Season 2 is slated to begin on December 6, 2022, so we expect that players will be able to earn a free skin from this year's Winter Wonderland event that's expected to arrive at the same time.

In the long term, the developers are looking to make improvements to the Overwatch 2 Battle Pass system, add additional gameplay challenges, and introduce "more exciting play-focused progression systems for you all to dig into." Neuss stated that some of these changes will be talked about soon, but others may not be discussed for awhile as Blizzard needs time to finalize and "lock-in" its plans.

(Image credit: Activision Blizzard)

We don't know anything specific about the future yet, but we anticipate that the developers are aiming to make the Battle Pass more rewarding, weekly challenges less frustrating, and the game overall more about earning rewards rather than buying them. Overall, it's great to see that Blizzard is listening to fan feedback and has plans to improve Overwatch 2's progression systems. 

Notably, the developer wants to make other changes in the future, too, including improvements to the game's queue times and ranked Competitive mode. A Season 2 nerf to the railgun DPS hero Sojourn was teased at the end of the blog post as well, with Neuss saying that changes "for your favorite cybernetically-enhanced Canadian" will be discussed soon. Sojourn has been dominating higher Competitive ranks and the Overwatch League since the game's release due to her incredible mobility, extremely high overall damage output, and ability to pick off opponents with lethal headshots.

Overwatch 2 is available now on Xbox Series X|S, PS5, PS4, PC, and Nintendo Switch. It's arguably one of the best Xbox shooters available, and since it's free-to-play, it doesn't cost anything to check it out. Alternatively, players can purchase the Overwatch 2: Watchpoint Pack that provides access to Season 1's Premium Battle Pass, 2,000 Overwatch Coins, and a bundle of unique Legendary skins.


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