Palworld: How to obtain Anubis

Palworld Anubis screenshot
(Image credit: Future via Michael Hoglund)

Palworld is destroying the charts on Steam and Xbox. In what many thought was mainly Pokemon with guns, they've found a little more under the hood than they initially anticipated. Paired with mechanics that generate some hilarious moments, Palworld looks like it's more than a flash in the pan.

With that rise in fame, many will most assuredly need a little guidance along the way to make the best of their play. We're here to help, and today, we'll show you the best and most effective ways of acquiring Anubis—one of the best Pals in the game.

Method one: Capturing Anubis

Anubis isn't easily captured, a mere 17% when using a Legendary Sphere. (Image credit: Future via Michael Hoglund)

First, you'll need a team of Pals or one of similar strength to help take on Anubis. You won't be soloing Anubis without cheesing the battle in some way. I recommend bringing a team of grass-type Pals to conquer the beast. This, or getting a fully-leveled Jetragon as I did (But this method is late-game).

Mossanda and Lyleen are my picks for the two Pals players should use against Anubis. However, any of the following will be affective as well.

  • Lifmunk
  • Flopie
  • Caprity
  • Dinossom 
  • Warsect
  • Wumpo Botan

Anubis is located north, in the desert. (Image credit: Future via Michael Hoglund)

Secondly, you'll need Legendary Spheres. Without them, you'll be wasting resources while trying to catch him. The chance of catching Anubis without getting his health dangerously low will be in the teens with every attempt. So bring at least 10 Legendary Spheres, if not more.

Please take note of his ground attacks; when he hits, he hits hard. All attacks are easily dodged, though, as long as the player pays attention. See to it that you dodge his tornado and ground slam attacks, especially.

Method two: Breeding Anubis

Look at the little loverbirds. (Image credit: Future via Michael Hoglund)

For the last method, we'll be attempting to breed Anubis. There are quite a few combinations that may work. The one that landed for me was Nitewing Rayhound

Here's a list of combinations that will land you Anubis:

  • Nitewing Rayhound
  • Arsox Pyrin
  • Penkin Bushi
  • Incineram Surfent
  • Beakon Eikthyrdeer
  • Katress Mossanda
  • Caprity Beakon

That does it for methods of catching Anubis. Let us know how this all works for you in the comments or on our social media pages. We'll update this guide if other methods become available for obtaining Anubis!

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