Co-op horror game Content Warning launches on Steam for FREE (but only for 24 hours)

Content Warning released for free for 24 hours on April 1, 2024.
(Image credit: Landfall)

What you need to know

  • Swedish publisher Landfall is known for publishing indie darlings like Totally Accurate Battle Simulator and Clustertruck. 
  • On April 1, Landfall announced a new cooperative horror game called Content Warning would be released immediately on Steam.
  • For the first 24 hours, players can get Content Warning for free to keep. The game will then cost $8 after the 24-hour discount expires.

If you're looking for a no-risk cooperative horror game to drag your friends into this April Fools' Day, Swedish publisher, Landfall, has you covered. For just 24 hours, players on Steam can pick up Landfall's brand-new release, Content Warning—a devilishly funny co-op horror game where you must film your friends getting scared out of their wits in a bid to become a famous content creator on SpookTube—for free.

Content Warning is currently free to keep for the first 24 hours post-launch, but players who miss out on the deal will need to cough up $8 if they want to get into the coop horror action. Just a few short hours after launch, Content Warning is already earning high praise from players. At the time of writing, the game is already sitting with an Overwhelmingly Positive rating on Steam across 1150 reviews.

Every so often, a small indie game from a plucky and unusual dev team manages to break into the mainstream and garner big attention. Easy-to-stream games that feature online multiplayer like Among Us and Lethal Company blow up in unexpected ways. 

Content Warning falls into that same niche with its core gameplay loop. A team of 2–4 players embark on a dive to "the Old World" where they encounter cursed relics, artifacts, and terrifying scary monsters with unusual physics attributes. While in the Old World, players need to capture as many scary things on film as they can while their oxygen and camera battery can hold out or until they run out of friends. Survivors get the chance to upload their content to SpookTube, where they can generate ad revenue. Ad revenue can then be spent on upgrades, emotes, and equipment for your next run, which will hopefully propel you to SpookTube stardom.

The game was developed by a team of 5 individuals, none of whom have had any other games on Steam attributed to them. It is published by Landfall Games, the publishing team behind indie darlings like Totally Accurate Battle Simulator and Clustertruck. Making the move to release a game on April Fools' Day is certainly bold, and a surprise launch is even more rambunctious. The positive review score certainly seems to indicate it has worked out in Content Warning's favor, and it is likely the game will find a player base among streamers. 

If you'd like to add Content Warning to your Steam library now is the time, as it is currently free to keep. However, the 100% launch discount is timed and ends on April 2. After that point, Content Warning will cost $8. There has been no mention of when or if we can expect a console port of the game, nor do we know for certain if it works well on Steam Deck or other handheld devices like the ROG Ally.

Content Warning | was $8 now FREE on Steam

Content Warning | was $8 now FREE on Steam

Grab your squad and journey down to the Old World where horrors, artifacts, and cursed relics await you and your trusty camera. Survive, and you have a chance to upload your content to SpookTube and become famous.

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