Steam Deck reservations in Asia finally have a confirmed shipping date

Steam Deck in Asia
(Image credit: Valve)

What you need to know

  • Valve's Steam Deck is available for reservations in Hong Kong, Japan, South Korea, and Taiwan.
  • Japanese retailer Komodo will act as an authorized reseller on behalf of Valve with a reservation queue separate from North American and European regions.
  • Order confirmation emails will start arriving on December 1, with unit shipments beginning on December 17, 2022.
  • Prices range in JPY from ¥59,800 for the 64GB model, ¥79,800 for 256GB, ¥99,800 for 512GB, and ¥14,800 for the docking station, including taxes.

Valve has officially announced a step forward in Steam Deck availability for countries in Asia, including Hong Kong, Japan, South Korea, and Taiwan. Partnering with Japanese retailer Komodo to act as an authorized reseller, reservations made by customers in the region will begin to see confirmation emails arriving from December 1, 2022.

Prices in Japan include tax. As advertised on the Komodo Steam Deck store page, the entry-level 64GB model is ¥59,800, the mid-range 256GB option is ¥79,800, and the top-end 512GB variant is ¥99,800. The costs convert to around €415, €555, and €695, respectively, roughly matching Valve's prices in the EU.

Customers with reservations in other regions will be unaffected by Valve's expansion into Asia. The queue is separate and handled by Komodo, so fear not if you're waiting on delivery in the United States, Canada, the European Union, or the United Kingdom.

The official Steam Deck docking station is also available from the Komodo store, priced at ¥14,800 in Japan. Converting to around €99 to match the European price, it's an attractive accessory with a fairly steep cost. Alternatives are available worldwide, including a 5-in-1 docking station from JSAUX selling for around $40 in the US.

Valve's portable PC handheld is finally within reach for excited customers living in these newly-added regions, but Australia is sadly still waiting. Check our full Steam Deck review for a full breakdown of why we love it.

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