The Yakuza Complete Series has a huge discount at DRM-free PC gaming vendor GOG

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Have you ever expressed interest in SEGA's popular Yakuza/Like a Dragon franchise? Were you ever compelled to experience the dramatic and tragic story of Kazuma Kiryu as he punches his way through the criminal underworld to rise up and become the Dragon of Dojima but were intimidated by a huge backlog of pricey games? 

Well, wonder no more, as Kiryu's entire saga can be yours for a cheap price as is offering a special deal for The Yakuza Complete Series.

The Yakuza Complete Series $33.92 ($111.98) at

<a href="" data-link-merchant=""">The Yakuza Complete Series $33.92 ($111.98) at

Experience the dramatic life of Kazuma Kiryu as he fights to survive and protects those he loves from the dark world of the yakuza in The Yakuza Complete Series.

The Yakuza Complete Series is a collection of Yakuza/Like a Dragon games which features Yakuza 0, Yakuza Kiwami, Yakuza Kiwami 2, Yakuza 3 Remastered, Yakuza 4 Remastered, Yakuza 5 Remastered, and Yakuza 6: The Song of Life. These beat 'em up adventure games chronicle the life story of Kazuma Kiryu all the way from his humble beginnings in Yakuza 0 to his most recent adventures in Yakuza 6: The Song of Life. is offering a 70% discount deal for The Yakuza Complete Series where you can purchase these games on PC for the price of $33.92. On top of that, you will be getting a DRM-free copy of the collection, as is tradition at GOG. 

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Purchasing over seven highly acclaimed Yakuza/Like a Dragon games for the price of one game or to quote the famed YouTuber / voice actor, @YongYea, "a couple dollars more than a single Diablo 4 cosmetic armor set and about 1.5X the price of a single Overwatch 2 legendary skin." is an absolute bargain you should not miss out on.

With the upcoming PC releases of Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth and Like a Dragon Gaiden: The Name Who Erased His Name on the horizon, now is the perfect time to jump into the Yakuza/Like a Dragon series and become a fan of this wild, emotionally gripping and action-packed franchise.

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