ProDeus devs announce new DLC after leaving Xbox Game Pass

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What you need to know

  • Bounding Box Software has announced its 90s-inspired FPS, ProDeus, will receive a major update and new DLC.
  • No release date was given for the DLC.
  • ProDeus is available on Xbox, the Microsoft Store, and Steam, though it is no longer available via Xbox Game Pass.

The teams behind the boomer shooter ProDeus announced that the game would get an all-new DLC titled The Elder Veil. The added content did not receive a release date, instead being saddled with a vague "Coming Soon" line in its trailer. The DLC announcement came the same day that ProDeus was removed from the Xbox Game Pass subscription service.

Developed by Bounding Box Software and published by Humble Games, ProDeus launched in late 2022 to high praise from critics and players alike. The first-person shooter is heavily inspired by 90s classics such as DOOM and Wolfenstein but blends its retro vibes with modern mechanics.

The reveal trailer for The Elder Veil sets the tone for players with enormous spiral staircases, ancient architecture, and corridors lined with haunting marble statues. The player, trapped by golden chains, uses a spear adorned with gold to grapple toward their captor and kick things into gear. The action continues with a heavy emphasis on ProDeus' new grappling mechanic that evokes a sense of movement similar to DOOM's. 

ProDeus was highly rated by players on Steam, where the game has more than 4,500 ratings and a "Very Positive" score. Xbox and Microsoft Store users rated ProDeus 4.6 stars. Even Windows Central's very own Richard Devine considered the boomer shooter a must-play Game Pass addition.

Unfortunately, the announcement for ProDeus' new DLC came on the same day that the title was removed from the Xbox Game Pass subscription service. ProDeus had launched into Game Pass on PC and console simultaneously, and it is not unusual for titles to leave the service within 12 months of being added. Players who started ProDeus during its stint in Game Pass and want to return for the DLC will need to purchase both the game and the DLC before they can play.

ProDeus | $24.99 on GOG

ProDeus | $24.99 on GOG

ProDeus mixes the nostalgic look and feel of 90s FPS games with modern mechanics. Boomer Shooter fans who missed the game on Xbox Game Pass can pick it up now before The Elder Veil releases.

Price check: $24.99 Xbox | $24.99 Steam

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