Resident Evil 4 remake: List of enemies and bosses

Resident Evil 4 remake enemies: El Salvador
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For many people, Capcom's iconic story of Leon Kennedy looking for the president's daughter is permanent knowledge. 

For newcomers however, you may be wondering just what kinds of foes await in the Resident Evil 4 remake. Not to worry, we've got you covered. I've rounded up all the horrors that await, big and small, in roughly the same order that you'll be fighting them across this (perhaps familiar) adventure. 

In order to take them all on, you'll need plenty of weapons, and fortunately, we've also rounded up the complete list of weapons in the Resident Evil 4 remake.

Please note that due to the nature of this game, this article will naturally contain huge spoilers about the types of in-game enemies and bosses as well as their appearances. 


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Resident Evil 4 enemies: Villagers (Ganados)

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The standard cannon fodder that you'll be fighting for most of the first third of the game. These infected villagers use blades (which they will throw at you, be sure to parry) as well as Molotov cocktails and dynamite, both of which can be shot out of their hands' if you're quick on the draw.

Resident Evil 4 enemies: Chainsaw Villager (El Salvador)

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There's a handful of super-tough villagers that have put bags over their heads and started wielding chainsaws. These guys, known as El Salvadors, are a huge threat early on, but vulnerable to Leon's new parry, which will temporarily block and disable their chainsaws. Note the knife will be wrecked in the process. 

Resident Evil 4 enemies: Brutes

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A new enemy built for this remake that wasn't found in the original, Brutes provide a bit more of a challenge all throughout the game. They can soak up a fair bit of damage, and come with a couple of different weapons like a hammer or wristbow, necessitating your focus whenever they appear.

Resident Evil 4 enemies: Colmillos (dogs)

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Infected, vicious, shaggy dogs make up part of the roster of foes you'll take on in the first third of the game. Usually coming in small groups, they aren't too difficult to put down but can easily sideswipe Leon if you aren't paying attention. A rare "Strong Threat" variant has exposed Plagas-bladed tentacles and can deal a lot more damage while taking significantly more gunfire or explosives to put down.

Resident Evil 4 enemies: Plaga Guadaña

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The most common form of Plaga infestation that you'll see, this can randomly happen to any of the basic Ganados, Zealots, or Soldiers throughout the game. They flail wildly, dealing damage with a surprisingly long reach that makes movement difficult. They'll only ever show up inside buildings or at night however, and they can be instantly killed with a flashbang grenade.

Resident Evil 4 enemies: Del Lago

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This massive lake monster is fought in a special battle using harpoons while you're in a boat. This boss won't go down easy, and can easily crush Leon if you're not being careful. Can't recommend shooting the water before you get in the boat...

Resident Evil 4 enemies: Chainsaw Sisters

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A pair of unique enemies that Leon will face, this early miniboss duo takes a surprising amount of damage to put down, despite their seemingly frail physical appearance. The chainsaws can still be parried and temporarily stopped though.

Resident Evil 4 enemies: El Gigante

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Players will face this massive, rare type of giant in boss fights at a couple of points throughout the game. They'll pick Leon up and attempt to crush him, dealing huge damage and stunning him if any attacks connect. They'll soak up a lot of damage, so this is always a great time to bust out the biggest guns you've got.

At a certain point, the Plaga infecting these huge beasts will pop out of their backs, exposing a weak point. An armored variant shows up as part of a dual boss in the second half of the game, which requires even more careful aim. 

Resident Evil 4 enemies: Bitorez Méndez

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This is the village chief and the big boss fight that caps off the first third of the game.  Bitorez Méndez mutates wildly and you'll have to stay fast and parry hit attacks while being cognizant of the building burning down around you. 

Resident Evil 4 enemies: Plaga Mandíbula

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Another, more dangerous type of Plagas infection that you'll start to see around the beginning of the game's second third, these Plagas have powerful, crushing jaws. Like the other types, they'll only be seen indoors or at night, and are vulnerable to flashbangs. 

Resident Evil 4 enemies: Zealots

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The basic form of enemy that shows up at Ramon's castle, Zealots are largely similar to the Ganados and mostly replace them. They have some different weapons and are a bit tougher, wearing helmets and Medieval-style armor. Some of them use shields, which can broken with a shotgun or upgraded rifle. 

Resident Evil 4 enemies: Zealots with staves

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These powerful Zealots soak up a lot of damage. Despite being tough, they don't actually deal heavy damage themselves, but instead stun Leon with a pulsing wave through the air. That same pulsing wave is capable of "triggering" a Plaga transformation in other nearby Zealots, causing them to erupt into Plaga Mandíbula or Plaga Guadaña. 

Resident Evil 4 enemies: Garrador

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This mutation of Plagas results in hulking, blind bruisers. Their other senses have been enhanced, and they've had blades strapped to their arms. If they hear Leon, they'll charge him and wave their blades wildly, shredding Leon or any allies in melee range.

Resident Evil 4 enemies: Armadura

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One of the stranger enemies in the game, the Armaduras are suits of knights armor manipulated by Plagas. This makes them virtually invulnerable to small-arms fire unless you're able to carefully hit the tiny portion of exposed Plagas. Once the parasite is fully exposed, they are also vulnerable to flashbang grenades. A "strong threat" variation wears gold armor, and takes a lot more damage to put down.

Resident Evil 4 enemies: Plaga Araña

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Around the halfway point in the game, you'll start seeing lone Plagas running around. These creature can grab and quickly assume direct control of an individual Zealot or Soldier, making them much more dangerous as they try to grapple Leon.

Resident Evil 4 enemies: Plaga

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If there's no human allies nearby to quickly control, sometimes the Plagas will just attack Leon directly. While quick, they don't take much damage to destroy.

Resident Evil 4 enemies: Novistador

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These overgrown bugs aren't too tough but come in large numbers, making it easy for them to gang up on Leon. They also have camouflage abilities and will lie in wait or even move around while invisible, meaning you have to carefully watch for signs of movement like in water.

Resident Evil 4 enemies: Verdugo

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The right-hand monster of Ramõn Salazar, the Verdugo stalks through the vents, swiping at Leon with its bladed tail before emerging and trying to shred him with its claws. This beast is heavily armored, but it is weak to the liquid nitrogen baths that can be activated in the surrounding tunnels.

Resident Evil 4 enemies: Ramõn Salazar

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Castellan of the Salazar Castle, Ramõn Salazar taunts you for much of the game, but will eventually be transformed into a pustulent mass of tentacles. He moves around with ease despite his large size, and his acid attacks can quickly bring Leon's health to nothing.

Resident Evil 4 enemies: Jack Krauser

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Jack Krauser will show up and be a threat in the late portions of the game. You'll have to fight him multiple times, including once using only your knives. Later on, when he mutates with monstrous arm blades, you'll have access to your full arsenal, but you'll still need to parry his attacks with your knife if you want to stay alive.

Resident Evil 4 enemies: Soldiers

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This is the final form of "basic" enemies that Leon has to tackle in the last quarter of the game or so. Soldiers take more damage to put down than the Ganados or Zealots. Being professionally trained, they use sturdy shields that Leon can't easily shoot through, as well as a wider assortment of weapons. They'll even man massive turrets, requiring them to be quickly killed before they take Leon's health to nothing.

Resident Evil 4 enemies: Regenerador

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These rasping, bumbling creatures are terrifying and make their appearance late in the game on the island. Regeneradors live up to their name and will continue to regenerate unless every parasite in their body is destroyed. They can also be difficult to shoot due to their tendency to flop around.

Resident Evil 4 enemies: Iron Maiden

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A mercifully rare mutation of the Regeneradors, Iron Maidens take even more punishment to put down, shooting spikes everywhere, meaning they can easily kill Leon if you don't carefully take cover. There's a "Strong Threat" variant that is stuffed to the brim with parasites, making it even harder to kill.

Resident Evil 4 enemies: Osmund Saddler

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The big bad of the whole show, Osmund Saddler is the final boss of the entire game. Initially somewhat human (at least with his hood pulled up) he mutates wildly into a monstrous form with acidic attacks and powerful claws. 

More to discover

Resident Evil 4 remake was designed for multiple playthroughs, so don't think you're done once you've finished the game for the first time. Try again for a better time and grade, or go for a higher difficulty now that you clearly understand the basics. This is one of the best Xbox games available for anyone that's enjoyed the past few Resident Evil games, or is just starting out. On your subsequent playthroughs, be sure to look for the 16 Clockwork Castellans throughout Resident Evil 4 remake.

In our review of Resident Evil 4, managing editor Jez Corden wrote that "While the game is a bit thin in the "survival horror" department, Resident Evil 4 is an absolutely spectacular action horror game with varied and satisfying combat, memorable characters, and a meaty amount of content."


Resident Evil 4 remake

As Leon Kennedy, you'll have to pull out every trick in the book in order to survive against monstrous enemies. Las Plagas has molded the denizens of this eclectic village into evil creatures, so unleash your arsenal and save Ashley Graham.

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