Sea of Thieves’ latest Mystery event sends you on a real-life treasure hunt

Sea of Thieves Golden Skull
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What you need to know

  • The new Sea of Thieves Mystery Event, The Hoarder’s Hunt, is now live.  
  • This interactive treasure hunt involves solving puzzles in Sea of Thieves and outside the game through other online mediums.  
  • The first player to solve this puzzle gauntlet will be awarded a real-life golden skull.   

As part of its promise to deliver more consistent content to players, Sea of Thieves embarked on an ambitious voyage of providing ongoing updates called Mysteries and Adventures. These key pillars of the pirate sandbox bring new narrative beats and fascinating ways to further engage with the experience.   

Mysteries have been an especially captivating experiment because of the ways they encourage fans to chase activities outside of the game itself. The latest Sea of Thieves mystery event, The Hoarder’s Hunt, is inspired by the legendary tales of famed pirate Olivier Levasseur and the perplexing 17-line cryptogram — rumored to contain the location of his vast horde of treasure — he left adventurers after facing the gallows.

Sea of Thieves The Hoarder's Hunt

(Image credit: Rare)

In classic Sea of Thieves fashion, the team at Rare is celebrating that sense of wonder and discovery by bringing a real-life treasure hunt to players with The Hoarder’s Hunt. A series of in-game puzzles and online riddles will play out over the next four weeks, with significant physical rewards up for grabs. The first clever pirate to successfully decode the myriad of challenges during the Mystery event will receive a genuine golden skull. And the following 110 players to reach the end will also receive physical treasure.  

Whether you’re among the first pirates to crack the codes or not, you can still participate in the festivities and earn in-game rewards. The Hoarder’s Hunt and the waves of continued support for this outstanding social playground are just a few reasons why Sea of Thieves is confidently one of the best games on Xbox and Xbox Game Pass.

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The online multiplayer pirate game continues to grow with Mysteries and Adventures. Grab your crew and hit the high seas. Right now, Sea of Thieves is half off.

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