This 'Dark Souls meets Devil May Cry' Skyrim mod collection is insane

Skyrim, heavily modded to resemble an unholy union between Dark Souls and Devil May Cry
(Image credit: Windows Central)

Ever played a game and thought to yourself, "wow, I wish this was actually completely different?" At that point, some might say, "well, shouldn't you play something else?" To that, modders say nay. 

Hold my sweet roll plucky adventurers, because this collection of mods for Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is suitably and invariably insane. 

YouTuber cris put together this stunning montage of incredible Skyrim mods, showcasing just how far the modding community has come with hacking and modifying the legendary RPG. Skyrim launched back in 2011, and we're still waiting for its follow-up, tentatively titled Elder Scrolls VI, slated to emerge sometime after Bethesda's next epic RPG Starfield. Incontented to wait for Elder Scrolls 6, cris downloaded a plethora of mods for Skyrim, including a mod that adds Dark Souls' iconic locations, Sekiro-meets-Devil May Cry-like action combat, while also adding in Nier Automata's 2B for good measure. The result is a game that looks almost nothing like Skyrim, while also looking rather awesome. 

Watch cris hack n' slash completely random enemies in Anor Londo's iconic cathedral from Dark Souls 1, complete with Devil May Cry aerial juggling with epic effects reminiscent of Dante's Inferno. 

Watching videos like this makes me realise the scale of the modding opportunity in Starfield. Todd Howard has made no attempt to hide the fact that the game is full of empty moons and planets, outside the game's hand-crafted main campaign missions. I can see entire games springing up on some of these more lonely locales, but we'll see. 

If you want to try your hand at modding Skyrim like the above video, check the description on cris' video above. Therein, he links to all the places you can grab the mods. You could also take a look at our own best Skyrim PC mods and best Skyrim Xbox mods articles too, if you fancy it. 

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