This iconic Halo 3 map is getting a Halo Infinite remake

Halo Infinite remake of The Pit.
(Image credit: Xbox Game Studios)

What you need to know

  • 343 Industries has announced a remake of Halo 3's 4v4 Arena map The Pit for Halo Infinite.
  • The remake features a futuristic aesthetic with neon lights, clean and shiny surfaces, and a cosmic skybox filled with stars.
  • The map's size and sandbox item spawns have been adjusted to best fit Halo Infinite's mechanics.
  • The map will be available at some point after Halo Infinite's Winter Update in November.

It's Halo 3's birthday today, and to celebrate the anniversary of the game, studio 343 Industries has announced that a full Forge remake of one of its fan favorite maps is coming to Halo Infinite. That map is The Pit, a 4v4 Arena map with a symmetrical and multi-level layout. The developers say that fans can expect the remake to become available in-game after Halo Infinite's Winter Update arrives in November.

Interestingly, the developers have chosen to ditch the original map's gritty and grounded UNSC training facility aesthetic for a high-tech futuristic style, complete with bright neon lights, shiny white and black surfaces, and a cosmic star-rich skybox. The map's scale has also been adjusted to best fit Halo Infinite's movement mechanics (Halo 3 didn't allow players to sprint, after all), and Infinite's signature weapon pads that spawn power weapons and other sandbox items have been added to the remake as well.

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The map was unveiled during the ongoing Halo Championship Series competitive event in Orlando, Florida, and was played on during a series between the teams Triggers Down and Instinct. Triggers Down achieved victory by controlling the map's high ground and making good use of the Sniper Rifles that spawn — a strategy that has proven effective since 2007.

Overall, it's awesome to see one of Halo 3's best maps make it into Halo Infinite, especially since the game currently lacks a sufficient amount of map variety. It's a great way to celebrate the classic title's birthday, and many veterans are no doubt looking forward to jumping into the remake in matchmaking for a blast from the past.

Halo Infinite is available now on Xbox and PC. Despite its issues, it's one of the best Xbox shooters on the market right now for fans of arena-style FPS combat, and since the multiplayer is free-to-play, there's zero barrier to entry. The campaign is fantastic, too, as it features exhilarating gameplay and an excellent story. 


Halo Infinite

Halo Infinite promises fans the most ambitious Halo experience to date, featuring a fantastic campaign with a dynamic open world and an excellent story as well as an exciting free-to-play multiplayer with strong core gameplay and plenty of cosmetic unlocks.

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