New Halo Infinite 'Winter Update' to add co-op, Forge, and more in November, Season 3 delayed to 2023

Halo Infinite
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What you need to know

  • Halo Infinite's next major content patch will be titled the "Winter Update," developer 343 Industries announced on Thursday.
  • The update will include online network co-op, the Forge map building tool, a new XP progression system, two new multiplayer maps, and a free Battle Pass.
  • Notably, the development of Halo Infinite's local split-screen co-op has been stopped to "accelerate ongoing live service development."
  • Halo Infinite's "Winter Update" is slated to launch on November 8, 2022.
  • Season 3, titled "Echoes Within," has been pushed back to March 7, 2023, and will include new maps and modes, sandbox items, expanded customization, and the Custom Games Browser feature.

343 Industries has outlined what's next for Halo Infinite, including its next major content patch slated to arrive later this year. Titled the "Winter Update," the release marks "the largest content update to Halo Infinite since launch," comprised of several long-promised features spanning its campaign and multiplayer modes.

The free update, scheduled to release for Xbox consoles and PC on November 8, 2022, brings several substantial pieces of content, including campaign co-op, the Forge level editor, and expanded multiplayer offerings. Highlights also include a beta version of a new progression system, fresh maps, and a free Battle Pass.

Microsoft also stated that Halo Infinite Season 3 — officially titled "Echoes Within" — has been pushed to next year and is now separated from the forthcoming update.

Halo Infinite's campaign online co-op and the Mission Replay feature, as well as the game's Forge beta, were originally planned to release in August and September, respectively. Now, though, we know that developer 343 Industries has consolidated these major gameplay additions into the upcoming Winter Update set for November.

The studio will share more details about Forge's advanced functions throughout September and October, while we've learned that co-op will come with Mission Replay and cross-play compatibility, as well as new achievements and shared progression support.

Notably, the development of Halo Infinite's local split-screen co-op has been halted to "improve and accelerate ongoing live service development" and to "better address player feedback and quality of life updates."

Halo Infinite's new roadmap for the Winter Update and Season 3: Echoes Within. (Image credit: Xbox Game Studios)

The Winter Update also brings additions to the Halo Infinite multiplayer suite and its available rewards. When it goes live, players can expect two new maps named Argyle and Detachment to release, both of which were made using Halo Infinite's Forge mode. There will also be a new game mode, Covert One Flag, which will feature asymmetrical loadouts, round-based gameplay, and an attack/defense structure.

New cosmetic multiplayer content will accompany November's Winter Update, included via a new 30-tier Battle Pass, available to all players. The free battle pass offers a condensed track of rewards versus traditional season releases, akin to previous Fracture mid-season events.

343 Industries will also flight its "Match XP beta" with the update, in an effort to ensure players are "rewarded no matter how they play." We've written about why the current challenge-based progression in Halo Infinite feels more tedious than it needs to be in the past, with new traditional XP-based progression likely to tackle those criticisms. We weren't given specific details about Match XP, but we expect it will award experience based on your overall match performance, similar to previous Halo games.

The Winter Update launches in lieu of Halo Infinite Season 3, once set for November 8, but is now slated to arrive on March 7, 2023. Season 3: Echoes Within will bring several new armor customization cores, plus one new map for Arena, and another geared to Big Team Battle. Two new game modes are also slated, VIP and the gun-game-inspired Escalation, both returning from previous Halo games.

Season 3 will also add a new M392 Bandit DMR weapon, which first made its debut back in Halo: Reach, as well as a piece of equipment named the Shroud Screen. This gadget acts like a smoke grenade and blocks vision, while also concealing players inside from the radar. Season 3 will also mark the arrival of the Custom Games Browser, a feature that will enable fans to find lobbies for their favorite modes and Forge creations.


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