Where to find and mine coal in Palworld

Palworld photo of a coal deposit
(Image credit: Michael Hoglund)

Palword has been described as Pokémon meets guns. Everyone is saying it, but it's true! Mix in a lot of Craftopia, Pocket Pairs last game, and you have Palworld

Along the way, you'll discover cute abominations, gun-totting bandits, and resources to forge your own path and destiny within this world. Some of these resources are a lot harder to find than others, especially coal!

It's not immediately obvious in Palworld where you need to go to find any of the resources, only by exploring and finding out what you're looking out for do you start to get the hang of it. If you haven't found coal yet, this guide will have you hitting the right locations. 

Where to find coal?

Palworld photo of a coal deposit

(Image credit: Michael Hoglund)

You can find coal in the northern reaches of the map, located in large quantities within the desert. 

Whereas you can discover a single node here or there the further you head up the map, coal spawns in groups of four or five separate nodes in the desert biome that players can mine. Making the hassle of searching a thing of the past.

(Image credit: Michael Hoglund)

To get there, players should pick up a mount, preferably one that can fly. You'll also want to make sure you're adequately leveled. If you can handle yourself and avoid fights you'll surely lose, then players can head up in their late teen levels. 

Crossing many areas on the way, players will meet face-to-face with enemies well above level 20. Detour these encounters often, and pick up any fast travel points as you go along. Remember that if you die, you drop your entire inventory, so be prepared.

Once you reach the desert, make use of that flying mount. The coal will stick out a little more abrasively than the standard stone, given its darker surface.

What do you need to mine coal?

(Image credit: Michael Hoglund)

Preferably, players should at least have a metal pickaxe. It's almost hilarious how much longer it takes with a stone one. Not only that, but your stone pickaxe will be in ruins before you get close to filling up on coal. 

Storage space is another critical requirement. With improved storage, your trips up north will be far more efficient. Make sure you're correctly spec'd, and that your inventory is cleared out. You'll be pulling your hair out otherwise.

Again! Bring a flying mount! It's not essential, but it'll make the whole trip much more efficient than running around on foot. 

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