Aaron Greenberg visits Kojima Productions with Xbox Game Studios to discuss cloud engineering in cool hoodies

Xbox Game Studios and Kojima Productions
(Image credit: Hideo Kojima | Twitter)

What you need to know

  • Aaron Greenberg, vice president of Xbox games marketing, recently visited the Kojima Productions studio in Tokyo, Japan.
  • Traveling with the Xbox Game Studios publishing team, Aaron claims the visit was intended to bring both publishing teams together for 'an exciting journey ahead.'
  • A focus on 'engineering, cloud, marketing & production' was shared as the topic, alongside photos of purpose-made merchandise worn by both teams.

Continuing the partnership between the Xbox Game Studios publishing brand and Kojima Productions announced in mid-2022, vice president of Xbox games marketing Aaron Greenberg has recently traveled to Tokyo, Japan, accompanied by studio team members.

Sharing a brief collection of photographs on Twitter, Hideo Kojima, the director, designer, and lead producer of Death Stranding, is seen shaking hands with Greenberg as they wear seemingly purpose-made merchandise emblazoned with the logos of both studios in a traditional Xbox green finish. Outside of group shots featuring the team in their slick branded hoodies and a slew of delicious-looking buffet food, the specifics of the visit were kept brief.

Sharing Kojima's original Tweet to his timeline, Greenberg briefly explained the team's first-ever visit to Kojima Productions.

"Bringing engineering, cloud, marketing & production teams together to kick-off an exciting journey ahead" seems perfectly in line with previously-announced plans to utilize Microsoft's cloud technology to create a groundbreaking video game concept, with Kojima claiming other tech companies had thought his ideas were mad.

Although Death Stranding 2 is in the works already, and the original game made its way to PC Game Pass last year, this partnership between Kojima Productions and Xbox Game Studios is set to create an all-new title, one that has supposedly never been possible before this cutting-edge cloud technology became available.

Death Stranding (PC version)

Death Stranding (PC version)

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