AMD FidelityFX Super Resolution 2 is now available for Xbox Series X|S and Windows PC game devs

AMD FidelityFX Super Reosolution 2 for Xbox
(Image credit: AMD)

Last year, Microsoft announced plans to integrate AMD FidelityFX Super Resolution into Xbox consoles, and now, we have the second generation of the technology heading into the Xbox game dev kit for Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S consoles. 

AMD FidelityFX Super Resolution 2 (FSR2) is an upscaling technology that produces sharper images from comparatively lower resolution scenes. Scaling technology like FSR and NVIDIA's DLSS have become increasingly popular, since the tech allows you to get crisper images without sacrificing frame rates. If you're dedicating compute to intensive graphics features like ray-tracing lighting and shadows, FSR2 and DLSS help you to reclaim some overall resolution fidelity using super sampling technology. It also helps improve performance on lower-end hardware, since you can move more resources over to maintaining frame rates, with super sampling putting in some heavy lifting to improve visuals. 

FSR has been available to Xbox Series X|S and Windows PC devs for a while, but FSR2 is now heading into the Xbox game dev kit for the first time. 

The more powerful (and more expensive) Xbox Series X generally has little issue running games at 4K60, but we've seen games make sacrifices for their "performance modes," in some cases. Some games let you enable ray-tracing for example, at the cost of stable frame rates or resolution quality. FSR2 could help mitigate some of these trade-offs, particularly on the Xbox Series S, which has rather impressively managed to keep up with the more powerful Xbox Series X and PS5 at least where baseline frame rates are concerned. FSR2 could help the Xbox Series S achieve improved image quality too, down the line.

As super sampling tech improves, it will undoubtedly bring benefits to more affordable consoles like the Xbox Series S, as well as Xbox Game Pass' cloud streaming video algorithm. 

For an example of how FSR2 improves over FSR1 and native gameplay, Microsoft studio Arkane recently offered a demo of its implementation in Deathloop which you can check out above. 

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