Microsoft confirms Xbox DVR capture issues are 'actively being investigated' (Update)

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What you need to know

  • Many Xbox fans have recently reported issues with the Xbox DVR and the process of uploading or deleting game captures.
  • Specifically, uploading clips or screenshots to the Xbox Network isn't currently working properly, and several players aren't able to permanently delete their captures as well.
  • Xbox Engineering Lead Eden Marie has confirmed that Microsoft is actively investigating these problems.
  • When Microsoft has more to share, we'll update this article with the latest information.

Update 4/25/23: Xbox Engineering Lead Eden Marie has announced that the Xbox DVR issues mentioned in this article have been resolved in a new statement on Twitter.

"Hey all, at this point everything should be caught up on the service and Xbox captures you’ve uploaded and deleted since Saturday should be reflected in the apps," she wrote. "Please file bugs if you’re still seeing issues!"

Our original story is below.

In a statement on Twitter, Xbox Engineering Lead Eden Marie has confirmed that Microsoft is looking into problems with the Xbox DVR and the process of saving, sharing, and deleting game captures. "Xbox capture upload/delete issues are actively being investigated," she wrote.

Recently, many Xbox players have reported that they've been unable to upload their game clips and screenshots to the Xbox Network, preventing them from sharing or downloading them with other devices and apps. For example, in the Xbox smartphone app, users are often met with an "Oops! Looks like you're stranded..." error, with their captures nowhere to be found.

Several players have also noticed that they haven't been able to permanently delete captures from their console. While getting rid of them works initially, the clips and screenshots are reappearing shortly thereafter. For fans with very limited storage on their Xbox, this has proven to be quite a significant issue.

Based on the high number of player reports across social media platforms like Reddit and Twitter, it's clear that both of these problems are affecting a very large number of Xbox users. Hopefully Microsoft is able to resolve them soon so that everyone can properly share or delete captures while playing their favorite Xbox games.

We'll keep an eye on this situation as Microsoft continues its investigation, and will update this article with any new details the company shares.

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