The most adorable dinosaur farming simulator is coming to Xbox and PC this September

Paleo Pines merges farming simulation with running a wholesome dinosaur sanctuary on Xbox and PC.
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What you need to know

  • Paleo Pines is a farming simulator and dino sanctuary management hybrid developed by Italic Pig and published by Modus Games.
  • Paleo Pines will be released to Xbox consoles and PC via Steam on September 26, 2023.
  • A free demo is currently available on Steam as part of Steam Next Fest.
  • A Festival of Dinos event is taking place in the game to celebrate the release of the free demo.

As June winds down the influx of new trailers, showcases, and game announcements begins to slow ever so slightly, but PC gamers aren't done yet as Steam’s Next Fest event is determined to keep us all adding to our wish lists and backlogs. Among the playable demos available as part of Steam Next Fest is Paleo Pines from Italic Pic and Modus Games. 

Paleo Pines mashes together wholesome farming with managing an adorable dinosaur sanctuary. Players will be able to saddle up with Lucky, the last known Parasaurolophus, and explore the world of Paleo Pines in order to uncover the island’s mysteries and help the local townsfolk. You can also befriend wild dinos by mimicking their calls using a flute, and once the bond is solidified with a nose boop the dinos can be enlisted to help with the farm duties around your sanctuary.

Your dino sanctuary is not just for farming resources, it's your own little oasis of creativity. Everything about the layout can be customized to your liking, whether you’re looking to go full farmer with nothing but tilled soil or you want to embrace your inner kitchen witch. It's important to keep in mind the needs of the dinos in your sanctuary and to ensure you’re meeting their needs, however, or they will leave to go back to the wild. Italic Pig promises that no two ranches are ever the same. 

Paleo Pines is available as a playable demo on Steam now but will be available on both PC and Xbox consoles when it releases on September 26, 2023. If you prefer less wholesome dino farming and more action RPG dragon hunting, we have a hands-on preview of Hammerwatch 2 in the works, also published by Modus Games and coming to PC and Xbox consoles later this year. 


Paleo Pines

Tame dinos, repair and grow your ranch, and explore the mysterious island of Paleo Pines.

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