The next Forza Motorsport update will add the most daunting race circuit in the world

The Nurburgring Nordschleife in Forza Motorsport
(Image credit: Xbox / Turn10)

What you need to know

  • Not long after deploying Update 4 into Forza Motorsport, Turn 10 has detailed what we can expect from Update 5. 
  • The big news is the arrival of the Nürburgring Nordschleife, the longest and trickiest racetrack on the planet. 
  • The circuit will be available in career, free play, and multiplayer modes. 
  • In addition, there will be more fixes, and a skip practice option, and details on how Forza Race Regulations will be improving. 

Update 4 in Forza Motorsport isn't long behind us, but Turn 10 has already shown off what we can expect in February from Update 5. The big news is a big circuit. The infamous Nürburgring Nordschleife is coming back to Forza

Honestly, I'm disappointed this wasn't a launch circuit, given that it's not new to Forza Motorsport games. It's the ultimate test, and while some will shed tears at the thought of hitting that 12.9 miles of narrow tarmac, packed with tough turns and close barriers, many will relish going back. 

Better yet, the current production car lap record holder, the Mercedes-AMG ONE, is on the Forza Motorsport roster, so you can digitally see how close you can get to its as yet unbeaten time of 6:35.183. 

The Nordschleife will be added to career, free play, and multiplayer modes, so you can expect a solid variety of races there to sink your teeth into. 

Besides a new circuit, Turn 10 is also paying close attention to both its Forza Race Regulations and its AI opponents, with a view to making both better for racers. 

For Car Progression, today we began collecting feedback from various sources on changes that will give players freedom to equip the parts they need regardless of car level. We have additional changes to the system in various states of design and testing with plans to implement these changes as soon as possible. For Forza Race Regulations, we have enabled Race Marshals and some content creators the ability to flag in-game incidents for review to help feed changes to the adjudication model that will improve the system. Lastly, we’re testing out fixes to the Drivatar AI to alleviate competitors bunching up around Turn 1 and causing the first few AI opponents to reach insurmountable leads.

(Image credit: Xbox / Turn 10)

Additionally, Update 5 will add a skip practice option to the pre-race menu so it's easier to see, and will create a save point after practice so you can come back to the feature race at a later point. 

More will be discussed around Update 5 in due course, but you can see a first look at the new circuit in the latest Forza Monthly stream embedded above. Check out the full blog post to read all the details we have so far. 

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