CTRL+ALT+DEFROST: The even BIGGER Xbox Series X Compact Fridge is now available for those who can't pause their hunger

Xbox large mini fridge
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I love my Xbox Mini Fridge, but I'm now getting serious envy for this latest addition to the family. The fridge family has grown to three, with a new super-sized model joining the original and the smaller version that's closer to the size of the actual Xbox Series X console.

Spotted by Idle Sloth on X, the artist formerly known as Twitter, it's quietly been slipped out and is currently listed at Walmart for $198

It should also be said that the $198 price currently listed appears to be a discount, too, from $250. So if you're interested, it'd be best to act fast. 

Xbox Series X Mini Fridge - Large$249.98now $198 at Walmart

Xbox Series X Mini Fridge - Large | was $249.98 now $198 at Walmart

A new Xbox Mini Fridge in town is the largest yet. It is over 2 feet tall, with 8 beverage holders, a new bottom bin, and space for all your gamer snacks. It's also already discounted, even though it sneakily went on sale. Grab one while you can!

Besides the brand-new larger version, believe it or not, there are two more options: a medium-sized version holding 12 cans and an even smaller 8-can version that is SUPER affordable at just $40.

Xbox Series X Mini Fridge - Med $115now $99.98 at Walmart

Xbox Series X Mini Fridge - Med | was $115 now $99.98 at Walmart

Not too big, not too small, the medium-sized Xbox mini fridge holds up to 12 cans (four more than the small) at 10L and has a USB port for charging devices.

Xbox Series X Mini Fridge - Small |$88now $39.97 at Walmart

Xbox Series X Mini Fridge - Small | was $88, now $39.97 at Walmart

Microsoft embraced the meme in late 2021 by creating this amazing Xbox Series X replica mini fridge, complete with enough space inside for eight 12oz cans, a shelf for snacks, a USB port for charging peripherals, and a 12V jack for use in a vehicle. The iconic Xbox power button even lights up!

Also at: Currys (UK)

✅Perfect for: Collectors, Xbox superfans, and gamers that want to keep cool refreshments nearby while gaming

❌Avoid if: If you need a serious, continuous-use fridge

👍Price check: $99.99 at Target (12 cans)

🔍Hands-on review: The ice-cool Xbox Series X Mini Fridge is a first-class addition to any gaming room

A Walmart Plus membership isn't required for this deal, but it's worth grabbing one if you want to get the best deals at Walmart. Members get early access to deals, free grocery delivery, free shipping, and several other perks.

A gimmick, sure, but what a gimmick

Xbox mini fridge

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It started as a meme. It became a reality. There's been a MASSIVE Xbox Series X fridge, but then for us mere mortals, a mini fridge we could actually afford. And use in our homes without fear of divorce. 

Yes, it's a massive gimmick, but it's fantastic. I have the now middle-sized Xbox Mini Fridge in my office, and I love it. It looks amazing, and it's cold enough to chill some beverages and snacks while I work. You're not keeping your steaks cold in this thing, but it was never designed for that anyway. 

What it is, is the best accessory for the Xbox fan. Or the Xbox fan in your life as a fun gift going into the holiday season. I'm not sure if I can justify (or have the space for) this new, larger model, but I sure wouldn't be disappointed if I unwrapped it on Christmas Day. Just saying. 

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