Verizon to begin selling Xbox Series X|S consoles, touts '5G gaming' benefits

Image of Xbox Series X and Series S side-by-side with Xbox Wireless Controllers.
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What you need to know

  • Xbox All Access lets interested consumers obtain a current-gen Xbox console and an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription on an interest-free, two-year plan.
  • On Tuesday, Verizon announced that it'll begin offering Xbox All Access bundles on Thursday, July 28, 2022.
  • Verizon's Xbox All Access bundles will still be $0 down, and will offer exclusive discounts on Xbox accessories.
  • Verizon is also touting the benefits of its 5G networks when it comes to gaming on Xbox, especially with Xbox Cloud Gaming.

Nearly two years into its life cycle, and it can still be quite difficult to secure an Xbox Series X or Series S current-gen console. Xbox All Access, which lets players purchase an Xbox Series X|S and two years of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate for one interest-free monthly payment spread across two years, is a great option if you're shopping at the limited retailers that offer it. On Tuesday, Verizon announced that it's joining the Xbox All Access roster and will begin selling Xbox consoles.

The announcement from Verizon means that, beginning Thursday, July 28, 2022, players will purchase their choice of current-gen console through the mobile carrier. Verizon was quick to tout the benefits of its 5G network when gaming on Xbox, especially when a Verizon mobile phone is paired with Xbox Cloud Gaming, but all-in-all Verizon appears to implementing Xbox All Access in the same manner as other retailers.

This means that interested consumers can choose an Xbox Series X or S, then have it bundled with two years of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. There's no down payment necessary to pick up the bundle and no interest for using the service, with payments evenly distributed over two years. For the Xbox Series X, that comes out to $35 a month, while the Series S is even more affordable at just $25 a month. Using Xbox All Access goes through a third-party, Affirm, meaning it doesn't add to your Verizon bill (and presumably isn't tied to your Verizon account).

Verizon is attempting to sweeten the pot further by offering some exclusive discounts on some of the best Xbox controllers and accessories. Anyone who purchases an Xbox All Access bundle from Verizon can score 50% off the excellent Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Series 2. Purchasing an Xbox Wireless Controller can shave $40 off an Xbox Stereo Headset, while players can save 25% by picking up a Razer bundle featuring a Wolverine V2 Xbox controller and Kaira gaming headset.

Verizon will join the ranks of retailers attempting to sell you the latest Xbox consoles on July 28, with interested consumers able to head online or to "select stores" to take advantage. It's not clear what kind of stock Verizon will provide, but it's good to have more options to obtain an Xbox Series X or S.

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