Xbox Cloud Gaming gets performance boost on Steam Deck, Linux, and ChromeOS

Steam Deck with PC Game Pass
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What you need to know

  • Microsoft just released an update that improves Xbox Cloud Gaming when played through a browser on Linux and ChromeOS.
  • The improvements also apply to Steam Deck.
  • Gamers can now "expect a higher resolution and smoother streaming experience," according to Microsoft.

Xbox Cloud Gaming just got a boost on Linux and ChromeOS. Microsoft rolled out an update that improves the streaming experience when playing through a browser on the platforms. Since Steam Deck runs Linux, it also received the benefits of the update.

Reddit user CohenJordan, who is an Xbox employee, shared the news. "Hi everyone! We've just released a set of performance improvements on Xbox Cloud Gaming for gamers playing via browser on Linux and ChromeOS devices. You can expect a higher resolution and smoother streaming experience."

In addition to boosting resolution and improving the streaming experience, the update marks the end of a shift in underlying technology, though CohenJordan didn't go too much into detail.

"These changes also complete a long journey of upgrading our browser gaming experience to a different streaming technology. You should now have a more consistent experience in the browser, no matter what device you use."

Xbox Cloud Gaming is available on an increasing number of devices, including phones, tablets, PCs, and Xbox consoles. It's also available on some Samsung TVs and on the way to Meta Quest. Even those on Linux and ChromeOS can use the streaming service to play their favorite games.

Earlier this year, our Miles Dompier took a look at Xbox Cloud Gaming on Steam Deck. The experience has only improved since then, including with Microsoft's latest update.


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