Garmin Connect Mobile brings its fitness tracking to Windows 10 PC and Mobile

Garmin has announced that its Connect Mobile app is headed to Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile. The app features an all new design and allows users to view and share data taken from their Garmin fitness watches and more. Here's how Garmin describes the new app:

"Helping keep users on track with their health and wellness goals daily and over time, the app's easy-to-navigate look and feel includes daily snapshots, leaderboards and a newsfeed for optimum user experience and engagement. The interface can be tailored to the individual user for easy access to data that's most relevant to the user. Users can select their own snapshots (or dashboards) that allow them to focus on their goals and interests, ranging anywhere from increasing daily steps, getting a better night's sleep or training for an upcoming race. At a glance, Garmin Connect Mobile users are able to track their progress and get valuable insight into their activities with metrics that matter."

The app also includes Cortana and Live Tile support, enabling users to both ask Cortana for information on their activity that day and view bits of information like calories burned on the Start screen. Finally, the new app has some social sharing features on board, allowing users to share achievements to their newsfeed, check out leader boards, and compete with other Garmin Connect users with challenges.

You can check the new app out in the Windows Store at the link below, but it doesn't appear to be showing as available for download just yet. Chances are, the app simply hasn't fully propagated yet, and it should become available for download fairly soon.

Check out Garmin Connect Mobile for Windows 10

Source: Garmin

Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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