Garmin lists Lumias that will work with its fitness wearables with Windows 10 Mobile

Garmin has published a list of Lumia phones that are compatible with its collection of Bluetooh Low Energe-capable devices, which include a collection of GPS-enabled watches, exercise bands, and standalone GPS units. The phones on the list will need to be updated to Windows 10 Mobile in order to pair with Garmin's list of products.

A range of Garmin devices will be compatible with the following Lumia phones:

  • Lumia 635
  • Lumia 640
  • Lumia 640 XL
  • Lumia 830
  • Lumia 929 Icon
  • Lumia 930
  • Lumia 950
  • Lumia 950 XL
  • Lumia 1020
  • Lumia 1520

Garmin also provided a chart, noting which Lumia phones have been tested with particular devices, and what features they can use. Even if a phone is marked as compatible with a particular wearable, not every feature of that wearable may have been tested with that specific phone.

If your phone is not on the list, it may still pair with Garmin's products if it is running Windows 10 Mobile and in Bluetooth 4.0-compatible.

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  • Well, i can't understand Why there is No Lumia 730?
  • Lumia 730 = 7+3+0 = 10 = 1+0 = 1.
  • But the 640 is included. Go figure!
  • Lumia 640 = 6+4+0 = 10 = 1+0 = 1
  • Whats with the 925
  • Agreed
  • You are correct, it needs to be at least 2 for it to work and the 730 is only a 1. The 640s work because when the first digit is an even number, we need to use multiplication instead of addition.
  • Lumia 920, explain.
  • Did I say 2? meant to say greater than 2 :)
  • They probably put more effort making that list than anyone else would care for.
  • We can trash talk about this effort here though complaining how such and such device is not supported and how this sucks 
  • My 820 is not supported. This sucks.
  • Even a guy like me who uses his phones almost till eternity has upgraded from 820 to 640XL. Its time you do that too.
  • I'm very surprised that they list the Icon but not Verizon's 735. The 735 has motion data too?
  • The phone having motion data has nothing to do with the watch working with it I guess.
  • Ah okay.
  • Hell yeah! Loving the support n.n Posted from my awesome BlackBerry Passport
  • Good sign seeing this 3rd party support. Hope they are going to make the Edge line compatible as well.
  • My Lumia 930 work well with Garmin Edge 810 on Garmin Connect Mobile for Windows 10 Mobile. ;)
  • Looks like the 830 has the most checks. Thought that was felled by the wayside.
  • Hope not, I'm rocking an 830!!
  • How do you like it? I'm debating that vs 640. Unlocked unbranded.
  • 830 is mid range, 640 low. Go with 830 all the way :)
  • Same CPU and GPU... 640 released later, will have longer support...hopefully...but same internals so...who knows. 830 hase better camera and Qi, that is a draw...
  • Oh it's not a draw, 830 is clearly better than 640 in terms of camera and Qi support and is also a better looking device, just because 640 was launched after 840, it doesn't mean that 640 will have longer support, that's not how it works.
  • That is a draw as in  drawing me to purchase the 830, not as in even. Anyway, the sales numbers usually dictates support and 640 won on that front, as far as we can gather. I'm making my decision tomorrow if those rumored announcements come through. My beloved 1020 is starting to breakdown as it has a chip in the screen and is letting 'stuff' into the earpiece and most likely everywhere else. I replaced the screen once before earlier on in life, but don't want to this late in its life...anyway...choices.
  • Great that they're supporting Windows 10, and even better that my phone is listed, just a big shame that my new Forerunner 220 isn't supported. I'll have to stay in the 20th century and use the cable to sync
  • Notifications work in some cases? Does this mean they implemented the GATT server or does Garmin support MS's BT server type?
  • The compatiblity list of Garmin products with lumia phones is shocking!
  • This might be a stupid question, but I have never had a smartwatch or the ability to connect a GPS wathc to my phone. What is the use of connecting the watch to the phone? What does it do? Sync with Microsoft Health? Or just show notifications?
  • It will basically connect via bluetooth. You will need to install their apps. Then while the devices are paired. The data captured via the smartwatch gets traferred to your phone and you can view the stats, graphs et. all. Similarly while connected via bluetooth certain commands could be given to the phone from the watch (e.g. music control or Cortana) and notifications can flow from phone to the watch. Microsoft Health (which is now discontinued) is just a fitness app. Such apps can use the data from the watch. There would be apps by the smartwatch manufacturers themselves that you can use. 
  • A bit troubling, really. Very few devices are confirmed to work (checkmarks), and the 950 and 950xl have only been confirmed to not work with a few devices. Dots (lots of them) indicate no test completed, so can be assumed to mean that on paper the pairing should work. This feels like a list put out because a lawyer said they need to have something to inform potential customers and fill legal obligations.
  • Any idea why for example with Vivoactive, Lumia 930 won't work and Lumia 830 will? 
  • What I don't get is why is this device specific? All lumias should work with all bluetooth Garmin wear.
  • Agreed, I can't understand it either, as long as the app works and BT compatibility you should be good to go. The Vivofit works with the 930 even though it says 'not tested'.
  • Which OS do you have on the 930 that works with it? 8.1 / 10?  
  • I quote your question! I mean, they all have bluetooth 4.0 and with the same version of windows 10 mobile, so why is there any chance of a malfunctioning or a incompatibility?
  • I hope they will test pairing a Nokia Lumia 830 with Garmin Forerunner 230 & 235 and that they will turn out compatible. A shame though that this stands only for Windows 10. Would love to have this option on Windows 8.1, as Win10 is out of question for me until it will proove to be as reliable as Win8.1.
  • I just got a Forerunner 235 and it cannot pair with my Lumia 830 with the latest firmware.
  • Ahh I've made a huge mistake buying forerunner 15 instead of 25 :)
  • "Bluetooh"  Surprised that no one has pointed that out yet like they usually do. lol.
  • "Bluetooh Low Energe". The whole phrase is a mess.
  • My fenix 2 and vivosmart works fine with Lumia 920.
  • my fenix2+920 too :)
  • What about synchronization with garmin mobile???Asking about fenix,because I got problem(can't do the synchro).
  • Any idea whether Fenix 2 why is does not sync with Lumia 730 with window 10 version. Having a hard time here.
  • Seems like MS band 2 is still the best choice for Lumia users at this point. The vector watch probably comes in second.
  • I have a 950 and vivosmart hr. All good apart from notifications not working at all.
  • I have a Lumia 625 running W10M 10586.63 and the Vivosmart band, and it works really well. There are odd connection issues that sometimes mean that notifications don't come through, but even getting notifications, and being able to customise and categorise them. is a great feature.
  • Check out Runtastic
  • I don't understand why there is no Garmin w10 universal app then
  • There is! It was released a few weeks back.
  • Well my vivosmart works well with my 630..
  • Garmin? No one touch these guys. This is the comps y that charged us an arm and a leg for their nav app, then refused to update to work properly with Windows Phone 8, even though they acknowledged its flaw.
  • Why the hell did they put 950 XL in there if it doesn't work with anything they have!!!!
  • Where is the Garmin Smartphone Link app?
  • It is called Garmin Connect Mobile....
  • No, it isn't. It's called Smartphone Link. You're talking about the app they have on Windows, I'm talking about the one they don't.
  • so what is the point of the garmin link app. if you use that for your GPS, then why not just use either your phone or just your GPS.  
  • The Garmin that I have in the car is better for navigating than the phone. Also, even while charging the phone, GPS uses more power than most chargers put out. The Link app allows the phone to communicate with it, though. Weather, traffic, and you can even send destination from your phone to the dash unit. Ever looked something up on your phone and then wished you didn't have to enter the address manually into the dash unit? I have.
  • I ditched GPS years ago, since I got Nokia N95, and has beening using my phone(s) as GPS Navigation for years, until I become evironmnetalist and ditched my car last year. I never had issue with phone for navigation, definately never had issue of power consumption.  I even use my phone as GPS navigation for biking when I was in a adventure trip.
  • I just paired my HTC One M8 with my Forerunner 920xt. The new Garmin Connect app for W10M is pretty nice.
    Now they just need to add an inline skating activity.
  • When something supports Android phones, they don't give a list of devices that'll be supported, instead they say which version of Android will support it (for example 5.0.2 and above, etc)
  • because old android phones never got newer android OS, (like my 3 yr old xperia can only run 4.2), with exception of Nexus. so this way they can force you to get newer devices. but for windows device both computer or phone , you are able to get very latest OS updates, (like 3yr old lumia 920 running W10M) which not always has the hardware requirements for newer features(like miracast). so people could have better option for whether or not to updated to newer device. while Lumia 920do have bluetooth 4 i beliveve which i tested it with garmin VivoWatch, so it worked just fine. this list is more just devices they tested on or plan to do testing on, rather than a list of exclusive.
  • i think this is just a list of devices that they tested, but not mean that other device won't work.
  • Upgraded an L830 to W10 - paired the Garmin Vivosmart. Works well. Getting the initial pairing is a bear. Notifications work. Music controls work with Groove. May upgrade to the VivoActive. The screen is a bit narrow for reading notifications.
    VivoSmart = 5 day battery life
    VivoActive = 7 day battery life
  • Is windows 10 available for Lumia 8.1 phone of Lumia 640xl in Bangladesh??? Please inform me soon... ​
  • I have a 640 running WP10. I made sure that I loaded the Garmin Express app, the MtFitnessPal app and synced them befoe I paired my new Vivosmart HR.. I also connected the MyFitnessPal app to my Health Vault app.  I am the kind of person that likes to fiddle with my new toys but I spent more time researching the Youtube vids and App manuals at first. And, I'm glad I did. It gave the device time to fully intigrate with my phone and apps. I found that if I don't screw around with the settings after I did my initial setting. The device works fine. You have to give the devices time to record your activity before you get full functionality from the app. Overall I love my 640 and my new vivosmart HR.
  • Guys I'm using Nokia Lumia 730 trying to Sync with Fenix 2 but not succesful. I there anway it can be set right ?
  • I'm trying to get notifications to work on a Microsoft 650. It pairs okay and syns with the Garmin Connect App but I don't receive notifcations even though they're enabled. Anyone got notifcations working on the 650?