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Gartner: Windows Phone's share of the smartphone market is just 1.7%

Microsoft's share of the worldwide smartphone market hit a new low in the third quarter of 2015, according to a report from the research firm Gartner. It claims that Windows Phone only had 1.7% of the market in the quarter, compared to 3% from the same period a year ago.

Overall, Gartner says that 353 million smartphones were sold during the quarter, up by 15.5% compared to last year. However, the number of Windows Phone-based devices sold during that quarter amounted to just 5.874 million units.

Microsoft's upcoming launch of Windows 10 Mobile is not expected to change things much, at least in terms of market share, according to Gartner.

"Despite the announcement of Windows 10, we expect Windows smartphone market share will continue to be a small portion of the overall smartphone OS market as consumers remain attracted by competing ecosystems," said Roberta Cozza, research director at Gartner. "Microsoft smartphones will mainly focus on driving value for enterprise users."

The question is will the Lumia 950 and Lumia 950 XL make a difference in sustaining that share or is it a lost cause? While Microsoft's new Lumias look like solid offerings the competition may have finally just become too good.

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  • Well there goes any positivity built over the past month...
  • I'm not sure what you're expectations were, but they were high. We all knew that a lack of flagship was driving potential customers to other phones. This is no surprise, but this number can change next year. Especially if we see some rumors materializing...
  • The numbers change next year since 2011
  • Sure, maybe. But there are still people that held out for the 950/XL. Those numbers are not large, but they're there. And I never said it'll go to 10%. I also said it can change which implies the possibility of going up (and down) as well. 
  • 950 is not going to move the needle much if at all.  You never said it would go 10%, the 950 is not even going to get it to 5% or maybe even 4%.  The 950 is not the phoen to impact MS's mobile position.  The phone that will is when the platform has the apps. 
  • What apps? You people wine about apps all the time as if you can download them all at once. Every important app is in the store; Facebook, twitter, WhatsApp ect. Some might want to talk about games but with so many games on the platform I doubt one will miss any game that is not there. I personal only play a few, like Halo Spartan, asphalt 8, minion rush and angry birds and some time soda crush. When you really think about it, while they are more apps on other platforms like iPhone and Android, one simply can't install these apps because 1. They don't have the space 2. IPhone users can't expand their storage and Android apps doesn't run well on external memory and 3. People don't know or is interesting to use 80% of the apps that are in their app store. So apps isn't a big deal when it comes to Windows phone plus our OS, WM is far more productive. The problem is a lack of flag ship phones also a lack of support from carriers.
  • Thank you. People should really read this and stop whining about the so called app gap.
  • I have 640, and a g3. I try to use my 640 but always go back to my g3. Facebook is better on Android, I have clash of clans boom beach snapchat. Different browsers to choose from. Launchers, icon packs. It's just a better experience then wp. If you don't game much then wp is OK. Many of the same games have features missing on wp as well. I'll keep my 640 as a back up phone cause I am interested in the OS. But I can see why people aren't buying wp. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • The apps I miss most are bank apps. It was a big let down when Bank of America stopped providing their app because I could deposit checks using the camera. With some effort I can get to my bank accounts via mobile web - but when it comes time to deposit a check I have to pull up the BOA app on my iPad.
  • RodPre: Do you still use checks in America?
  • The end of app support its exactly why I closed my CHASE checking account while kept the Wells Fargo one open.
  • You could deposit checks through phone? No wonder lack of banking apps are a dealbreaker for some.
  • Every important app is NOT in the store. YouTube, Snapchat, Google Maps, Lyft, Venmo, Sonos, Postmates, Tinder, Bank of America, Chase Bank, Grindr, etc.
  • The truth of the master has that were do not have parity with Android or IOS with the release of apps. Hell, even when the app exists in the Windows store it's not even advertised alongside apple and android.
  • You believe Microsoft is gonna make Google maps app??
  • Bro,Y do we need that.There is Far-way better HERE MAPS & BING maps(These have offline maps,directions,places,navigation etc..all the mapping feature in OFFLINE) in our lumias.
  •   YouTube - Tubecast, Snapchat , Google Maps - Windows maps, Lyft, Venmo, Sonos, Postmates, Tinder - 6tin, Bank of America, Chase Bank, Grindr I mean, I think too there should be more apps but don't exaggerate. All the apps that I did not respond too are not used in Italy so I do not know if there is a valid app for them.
  • Lets add the apps that do exist are from from being on par with the IOS our Android versions. At times they are much more inferior, the Delta app is only one example of many.
  • Yes, carrier support is a problem. Yes, not releasing a true flasghip on a minimum yearly schedule is a problem. But let's be real App Gap is the biggest problem. Maybe not to YOU, but to the average consumer who is informed by the average carrier rep, who is informed by customers saying SnapChat isn't there, or my bank isn't there, or fanduel isn't there i want to return this phone now, app gap IS THE PROBLEM!
  • I don't even know or care about those apps and I'm more than an average customer. Even if I had snapchat at my disposal I would still be using WhatsApp and Skype. While it would be nice to have all these apps, which I thing will happen in early 2016, they are not deal breakers that would stop me from using my windows phone. Plus I would never use my phone to do bank transaction.
  • I swear you guys if given a feature phone you wouldn't know the difference.
  • Lol!.. Exactly... They're not living in the real world, and it's very sad....
    I'm a huge Windows/Phone fan, but I'm not a blind sheep like a lot of these guys... What happened to this community??... SMDH.
  • Well you know this is a windows community. I'm not for blind fanboysm but you gotta be optimistic or else change community and come back if and when windows phone is more to your liking.
  • Dude, it's not about being optimistic.. This isn't about luck, or fate.. It's about making things happen...
    Optimism isn't gonna make MS start correctly marketing devices... Get real. This is math, and it's not adding up... You're suggesting just because this is a windows comunity that we have you make relative positive (foolish) unrealistic comments for you liking?.. Lol. No thanks... A lot of us have been with WP, or WM, for 10 plus's years... We'll change communities when, and if we're ready, and stay here and point out the negative, and what doesn't make sense, as long as we please..... True fans are critical, not dreamers.... If you're a dreamer then great.. But, don't expect anyone else to follow that mindset..
  • I'm just saying that your aggressive sad behavior makes you look stupid. Being optimisting is evaluating the effort and the actual state of things and appreciating them, OR just decide you think this is going to fail and leave. Both options are what adults usually do, then there are masochists like you who feel pleasure in spamming a windows community saying "we are doomed, shame shame shame". Being critical is one thing you just look like a masochist. My comment just states facts and tries to be objective, for example, so I do not know how you are calling me a dreamer. Really, every comment section has your "I love Windows but we are doomed!!!!", if you think you are in any way helping your so called community, think again. But actually your answer feels like you cannot even keep calm on a forum you should really start thinking about another hobby.
  • Who cares about what you use your phone for....
    Hundreds of millions of people want to be able to download new apps when they hear about them, and you don't...
    You... One, you, against hundreds of millions of other people.... Ok.. But, in your eyes your opinion is tops.... LMFAO.Please
  • Sorry but, I think you may not know what you're talking about. Have you ever used an iPhone? I haven't and I use to think just like you until the waiting and the OS situation ( and for OS situation I didn't mean the lack of functionality or its design, because I was ok with those. I mean the lack of confidece that the platform'll survive 2016) made me switch to iOS. And I can really say that iOS is better than Windows 10 or vice versa, but the apps are a whole new story. I mean, I didn't know how many apps I was missing until I set up my iPhone and the quality of the apps it is just absurd compared what I used to use on my L930.  I can really say that the app gap is the main problem, but the "app quality gap". The difference it's just absurd and I'm not even talking about dev support. I got ~5 app updates/day. Or how must iOS functionality are supported by devs different from Windows. Even MS apps are better. I do wish Windows 10 the best. I do hope the platform can turn the conner and sucessed, but denying the app problem it is not the solution.
  • @jpbittencourt please give a list of the apps you're talking about and please tell how many do you install and use on a daily basis while storing photos and music plus videos?
  • Well...  Facebook, twitter, spotify, musixmatch, instagram, skype and some back apps are all much better than Windows counterparts. Outlook as well (win10 version is close to this one, but still inferior, for now at least), Foxplay (windows version don't even let me login and it has been like this for months now). I would say Whatsapp is even. Those are apps that I use every day. There are also local apps that Windows doesn't have like Telecine Play, Globo Play, GloboSat Play (similar to HBO Go). IMDB on iOS is also much better. But this are apps that I use 3~4 time/week. And apps the I use every day like Hangouts, CittaMobi there are missing on Windows Phone. I think I have 80~90 apps, but space is not a problem.    
  • Whatever you can't do anything about those..
  • How about hearthstone, schwab, banko f america, chase, clash of clans, snap chat. I can list a whole bunch more as well, but the list woudl be too long.  I have these on my phone i have my pics and vids and i have 16gb with about 1 gb left.    using iphone6+ so yeah, people use their phone differently you need to understand that.  see those apps i mentioned, those are the apps that can prvent people from moving from ios.  Bofa and chase i think are about to discontinue or have the windows phone app.  Even mint has as well.  i've used windows phone for four years, not going back until the app situation is settled. 
  • What can Microsoft do to overcome this except making MS apps better??
  • Lol!!! Seriously??...
    Do they have the LA fitness app for my gym, so I can get easy access???
    Do we have the Vance & Hines tuner app for my Harley???
    Where's my credit union app???
    Are you serious, or just living under a rock?. There are thousands of apps, just like the ones I mentioned, that the average consumer wants, and is used to having, on iDroid..... Your comment is a cancer to the platform... The app gap is huge, real, and it's killed WP... Get real, and wake up....
  • I believe it's more of a problem in US..not in other parts of the world..correct me if i am wrong..
  • Most likely so... But, the US moves things... Sorry, but if you're not happening in the US,, then you're not happening....
  • @WengWeng_21 You have hit the nail on the head. In my observation, Microsoft is not interested in beating IOS and Android mobile. Microsoft, with Win10 mobile, is just completing the last piece of the puzzle that makes up the Windows ecosystem. The launch of the 950 and 950xl as well as the 550 completes this circle. This completion gives them the leverage and ecosystem to deliver services and productivity. Windows is the only unified OS out there! IOS doesnt have it, Android doesnt have it! Period! Who cares about marketshare of one piece of the puzzle. I doesnt matter. Universal, tablet, laptop, desktop, Xbox! Look at it this way, IOS and Andriod can not compete with Microsofts hold on Enterprise and Microsoft is far behind in Mobile, that just fine because Microsoft is just creating a new system and its called the  Universal Platform that offers you productivity, predictability and play all in one! (drops microphone and walks away) :) 
  • Piss Poor sad ass excuses for MS not having apps... That's not gonna cut it..
  • I used to echo your comments...until I gave up on Verizon getting the 950xl and went to the Note 5. And there are a handful of additional apps I am enjoying and as Band 2 fan, I am surprised I am liking Android Wear. I want WM to thrive but have left it for now... Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • uh look at the numbers, clearly people care more about apps then storage. You list all the typical apps which are not good as in quality as ios or android, but you fail to mention the millions of people using snap chat, clash of clans, and any new games or apps that come out.  Then you have the osbcure apps like credit unions and many other things that would NEVER reach windows phone.  When a new app comes out that becomes popular, peple want to use it, on windows phone, they wont be able to.  Even instagram is in beta for like two years.  I fyou dont believe it, that is on you.  IF MS doesnt get parity with ios/android in terms of apps, the phones wont sell and will never reach 5%. 
  • The windows phone experience of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc are pathetic compared to their iOS and Android counterparts. Many of the apps in the store are fake. Users notice this more than some availability of a fancy flagship. They want to know if they jump ship, will they enjoy the same if not better experience. And yes, like said time and time again, there is a serious app problem. Lets hope windows 10 universal apps and iOS porting tools solve that.
  • Exactly. And whenever I read app metrics reports, people usually download a ton and use 10 apps. Think about it. I myself only use: WC, Readit, Flashlight XT, News, and Twitter. Cortana too. Other than Transparency Tiles and App Folder, I rarely touch anything except those ones and some system apps like email/text/photos.
  • Your opinion only helps windows phone die your like 0.1 percent or less of whatever we got left lmao so you think your opinion is valid no we need the app gap clos e the opinion of the 98% matter you prick that why windows phone will fail I hate when a windows phone user says something like all hail thy opinion lmao then they do it and what you know it's dead lol
  • No, not every important app is there, and of those that are, many are half assed. The facebook app is AWFUL. The stock twitter app is a joke (Tweetium rocks though). Instagram's worst version is on Windows Phone. It's outright AWFUL. I kept the same hope and the same arguments up as you did for the last 5 years, and you know what? I was wrong. WRONG. Windows Phone is a dead end. It's time we all grow up and admit it.
  • Bank apps but I switch my bank, don't have share trading apps, local businesses apps, there are lot more if you get can see beyond games and few messengers. I have been using WP7 since it's launch. I never owned Android and iPhone but now due to some requirements I don't have any choice but going to buy mid range Android device in few days. Going to buy Lumia 950 as well but I will blame MS for this fall in the market share.
  • You are right wengweng_21. I agreed with you 100%
  • Couldn't said better 
  • I strictly oppose your argument over this point.  Apps are there , how quality it was.. Even the major apps like facebook, twitter , Music, Video, still it is not worth or comparable to the corresponding apps in other platform. In facebook, even the basic "Like" option won't work properly. setting profile picture - a great irony, setting a cover photo for your profile- not at all possible, try tagging your friends- may be successful and the most interesting part , this entire facebook buggy app is being developed/handled by Microsoft team. Whatsapp, no other app crashes a lot, than "whatsapp" windows phone app. Video player app , against a worst app from Microsft team. Even a individual developer can develop a better/stable app which can play audio/video well. Have you ever used the video app?  I strictly advise to people , if you want to trouble yourself by spending your hard owned money, then you can buy the windows phone. I really don't have any idea about how people are thoughtlessly supproting windows phone operating sytem. if one does so, he should be th-------less too. 
  • L950 is a starting point for W10M which will ride with W10.  The quarterly sales decline is mostly due to MS's own doings.  They have pulled higher end phones while retooling the manufacturing plants for W10M phones.  They have retrenched their phone strategy to leave the unprofitable markets deliberately.  So you may interpret the decline as a result of phone OS transition from WP8.1 to W10M and also the strategy transition.  The 3rd quarter of 2015 should be at a bottom of valley.  The real test is in 2016 and we'll see how high the W10 can pull W10M right along with it.
  • 950 XL is definitely not the phone I was waiting for. The design is meh, W10M looks boring/ugly/inconsistent. Windows Hello is nice, I'll give them that.
  • We appreciate u for not being a Windows fan. You can now boo doo bleeb.
  • I'm a Microsoft fanboy.
  • You probably shouldn't admit that. Microsoft fanboys are as stupid as Apple fanboys. I know: I spent the last 5 years doing it, but now I'm done.
  • Lol... That was funny.
  • As a Windows phone user I'm excited about the 950XL. It doesn't blow the competition away, but it's specs are top notch, and it packs innovations like Windows Hello and Continuum. I can't wait to show of the camera to my iPhone friends as I think it will surpass their expectations, match what they can do feature for feature, and (I hope) produce better quality. I agree that it won't push market share much, but that's not Microsoft's intent. They simply want to provide a flagship product to people like me to bide some time while they work on developing the platform designed to win back market share. They are playing the long game.
  • Yes, the camera, I forgot about that. The camera is AWESOME.
  • I bet your iPhone friends are gonna be jelly of your camera...:-(
  • If the design is the problem, you can buy the Mozo backs and i think that you'd complain about the OS even if it looked like Android. It improved alot compared to 8.1
  • I don't care about the back plate. The phone has huge rounded corners and the bottom bezel is way too big. No 3rd party back plate is going to change that. I've had a change to play with a 950XL and although it looks much better in person, it's still quite bland. And you don't have to tell me about W10M, my 930 (I have the preview installed and using it as my daily driver) is my 4th WP device.
  • L950XL is the smallest and lightest phablet in the market today.  It has a very sleek design and you can alter that by replacing the back cover to your liking.  Its specs are comparable or better than the latest top smartphone flagships.  The Continuum sets it apart from the rest of phablets.  W10M is the only mobile platform that is 100% in-synch with W10 with consistency and uniformity.  It is a near-perfect phablet in this generation.  It is the best designed Lumia ever in my opinion.
  • One thing you don't understand is MS can't do anything to overcome this..and I am sure advertisement won't help if apps are the problem..its the apps that people want and it's people that developers MS is in a deadlock situation..the reason why android succeeded is because of the high price of least that's what happened in rest of the world..i don't know what happened in US..
  • The physical design i believe is not good enough..but rest of the things you said are exactly to the point
  • bezel!
  • Ouch, just 1.7%, that's a disaster for this platform, hopefully Satya Nadella is thinking in Plan C and make an Android fork which runs Microsoft services instead of Google's, just as Amazon forked Android and created FireOS which is very popular in tablets and e-readers. If Microsoft does not fork Android, I don't see Microsoft gaining marketshare anytime soon, specially since Project Astoria is now cancelled officially.
  • @Gabriel, There is a rumor or part of Microsoft's insider projects that they have worked on an Android project. That may be a better way to go, but you Microsoft has to re-educate their customers and potential customers that buying an app on their Android won't result in them owning the app on Windows. That's problem A.  Microsoft has strategically positioned themselves to make a ton of money on apps not running Windows so Android is not a dream, it may be closer to reality. 
  • I've kind of thinking that forking Android is the way to go.  Microsoft should be able to create an Android based phone that looks like a Windows phone.  Most of the Microsoft services are already available on Android. Also, Microsoft make money off every Android device sold. MS might as well just kill WP and create a forked Windows Phone on Androidl. 
  • WP is already dead.....
  • ^This
  • Lol!!!!
  • Yep when they stopped selling several of their mw10 compatible handsets & so far only delivered low end handsets eg. 640 during this time it made it hard for them to earn anything during that time
  • @palliotti:
    Thank you for talking some sanity.
    The slip of marketshare is not due to the strength of competitors (as suggested by John Callaham), but is solely only Microsoft's own fault.
    They cannot tell us forsaking your most loyal user base and people potentially interested in the platform by not delivering anything remotely resembling a flagship wouldn't have impact on Windows Phone's/Mobile's marketshare.
  • I don't know who lay blame, but I can tell you they own a percentage of it. i think the Windows name alone may be the cause of this. People generally associate Windows to Vista problems, drivers failing and requiring updates, viruses and refuse to learn otherwise. Maybe the name or the brand of the OS should have changed from the beginning. But there's something to learn from the Surface strategy and I think the Surface brand can possibly help here. I've felt like the Lumia line should have died by now and enter the Phoenix with Surface. Still a possibility, but I think Microsoft was more focused with Surface than anything else. Don't be surprised if HoloLens gen 2/3 goes smaller and mobile (phone capabilities). Now that would be interesting.
  • This. The Windows name is a liability. They needed to get as far away from it as possible when WP7 was released. They may have had a chance then if it was actually good. WP7 wasn't good in name or practice. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • True.... Well said. And, don't forget Poor marketing...
  • Marketing... SMDH
  • "Microsoft smartphones will mainly focus on driving value for enterprise users." This alone can drive a lot of sales figures upwards. 15% could be a small portion and for me (and many others) it would already be a success.
  • Like when ibm tailored os/2 only to Enterprise customers that was the start of the end of ibm in the pc world
  • You are comparing PCs with smartphones plus Windows ecosystem taking a 30+ year span scenario into the sample. Sorry.
  • Value at least implies that there is availability (Verizon) and opportunity (apps).
  • Don't forget you're speaking about a company that manages to print a wrong keyboard layout on their new Type Covers for the Surface Pro 4. I'm sure enterprise customers will love it when they realize the keys are not the ones that are printed on the keyboard...
  • They would see increase in market share if ms hires a good advertising guy.
  • Hasnt happened in 5 years of WP existence, dont see that happening now when they are "retrenching" from the platform..
  • So the constant product placement in shows, movies, the celeb ads with cam newton, gwen stefani, jessica alba, etc etc, the camera picture ads, the switch ads, the smoke by windows phone adds?  never existed?   There was a period of ongoing ads on t.v, even in the movie theather advertisements before the movie started.  it didn't work because the platfomr has no apps, it barely impacted the market share.  MS's adverstisement isnt the issue, it wont work, the lack of apps are, it is that simple whether people want to believe it or not.  i went ot get the 920 at an ATT store and everybody was dressed in windows 8 phone gear with a lot of posters, etc.    They tried it, it didnt work, so no need to keep doing it. 
  • This is clearly where things like "the bridge" came up from Microsoft. The issue isn't the desirability of the OS to users, the issue is the lack of developers supporting it. By making the option to support it far easier, Microsoft are trying to close the gap to the competition through performance before considering a strong marketing push. Of course, whether or not this works, remains to be seen, but I doubt Microsoft will wave the white flag that easily, since they know how important the mobile market is for the future of the Windows OS.
  • They can't perform without the apps, the apps have to come first.  That means a clear plan needs to be in place to get all the apps people are using and the games people are playing on the wp platform.  yes, they have candy crush, but do they have clash of clans?  Are developers creating apps at launch for windows phone?  Windows phone wont sell without the apps, the apps wont be developed because of the windows phone cant sell, so what is MS to do? Only solution is to get the developers to develop for windows 10 first and the universal app solution takes care of the app problem.  Developers can't ignore the windows 10 install base, it is huge.  If you can develop a clash of clans on windows 10, the universal app goes to mobile.  That has to be the strategy and has to be convince developers of this.  Windows 10 development is the solution for windows phone 10.
  • Sounds like BlackBerry with BB10. If that's the case, there's no hope for Windows Mobile 10.
  • Luckily MS have a greater advantage compared to BB, with a stronghold in the desktop market and a well established gaming platform (as well as fingers in many other pies) they have the option to leverage their established services to build up their mobile market, which is exactly what they are attempting.
  • Personally when this campaign were running was time of Lumia 900, that was the time when consumers were obsessed with specs and that's why Lumia failed back then, since then Nokia as always year behind in specs (for people who used Lumia they knew specs didn't matter). So because no one was buying them, no apps were developed. Now no app are being developed because such a small market share. Only way Microsoft can succeed is to push hard with project islanwood and then getting devs on board, to port and SUPPORT apps,let that happen in background with existing wp users who want to support platform, then have big advertising campaign next year with alot of support from other manufacturers
  • The situation is quiet opposite in other countries, here there is no product advertising!
  • And if they could get carrier sales staff to stop steering people away from WP.  I think this hurts them more than anything,  In addition to only AT&T (half-heartedly) supporting the platform.  You ask the see a Windows Phone, and 90% of the time they will either say, "Why?" or "Here's the latest iPhone!".  Most people go with what the sales people tell them, assuming they're looking out for your best interest.  In reality, they're told to push what makes the carrier the most money. Hopefully having a new high-end device will make a difference though.
  • Why would the carrier try to sell you phone that you are just going to return? Windows Phones have a high return rate, and it makes sense when people realize they cannot get their favorite apps on the platform and the apps it does have are subpar. Carriers do have users best interest in mind. They can only lose by selling a Windows Phone, there is nothing to gain. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • They should hire Rodney
  • Well... MS is trying their best to change the way market share is been discussed when it comes to Windows 10 Mobile... With the UWP, there is no seperate market share for Windows 10 Desktop and W10M ... They want us to consider the whole W10 devices running the single and same OS ... When we include all the windows 10 devices together with W10M.. The results are not the same... May be market share is going down for W10M.. But W10 is gaining market share.. So that's a good thing for developers... But for the sake of smartphone market share.. W10M is not in a good position... Which will change in the coming years since the OS is not at least not far behind the competitors...
  • Here's the scenario: I had to travel to a customer site. I left my cell phone at home. I went by an AT&T store to get a 640 and get my number transferred over. What I went through: The store representative said they did NOT carry Windows Phones since there was NO WP display in their store (I could see that, but one should not assume).  They asked the on-duty supervisor who said he had NEVER SEEN ONE before (he did admit he had only been there about 6 months) who also swore they did not have any. I had to show them on the AT&T site that it was a phone they sell, then someone went and looked. 10 minutes or so, and the guy comes out and says "I found it. We have dozens back there! We got about 8 cases of them back there.". I also asked about the 950 XL, and they said what I expected "I don;t know, we haven't heard anything." And the 950? They didn't even know the website was taking orders, either . The look of the rep and supervisors face was clear - not only do we not see any mainstream marketing, but still - representatives don't know or simply don't care about WP. This is why I fear what will come of the 950/950XL if the attitude and education within AT&T and other carriers keep up. I hope this changes.
  • Same problem. My wife and I went to AT&T and asked for the 1020 and then had to spend the next 10 minutes explaining my choice to the rep who was trying to convince us to go with an Android. There is the core problem in my opinion.
  • Because the return rate is high. They don't want that. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Uhm... 5.8 million Lumias last quarter, which comprise 97% of Windows phones. Why would anyone expect higher numbers, knowing that?
  • I have seen more Apple Watches by now than Windows Phones.. it sucks that bad.. Microsoft needs to reignite the fire with Windows 10 Mobile!
  • Lol true
  • Agreed...but, with a small share... Microsoft is avoiding carriers like Verizon or Sprint for the 550, 950 and 950XL.  A true flagship was finally released, Microsoft should get this to every carrier possable. 1.7% ? The roof is falling...RUN FOR COVER. The ONLY thing that can happen from this, is something that has been happening all alone, Apps start going away again.... sigh... I was going to sell my LG G3....I guess I am going to hold on to it after all...
  • So what percentage is myself in that 1,7%? 0000000000000000,00000001%? Im no one yet don give a damn as I've had android and ios and never going back as long as windows survives..then probably all this apple trend would have changed and i would own a potato phone a bran new phone thats coming soon mayber 3 -4 or 10 years!!
  • That is for the new devices, not all of them. Read the article properly guys, don't go posting after reading the title only. The 950s themselves can reach those numbers in a few months
  • What positivity? You mean the lackluster "flagship" that went weeks with no clear release date? The one where only one of its two models is available at *any* carrier in the United States, and the other of which is only available in a niche store located in a handful of pockets around the country, for $650? That positivity? Windows Phone is dead. The smart people are moving on. We wasted five years supporting Microsoft's "Wait for the next one, it'll be amazing!" bullshit. It was stupid and we should all be embarrassed we did it. Android or iPhone is where we need to go.. I've already ordered my new Android, and that's it. I'm done supporting Microsoft's insane, incoherent "vision" of what a smartphone should be. "Vision", ha! More like hallucination.
  • Ouch.  Microsoft shares most of the blame here.  There's no excuse.  They can improve that, but will they put out any effort into it? W10M may dip back to 4th place behind Blackberry :(
  • With BlackBerry moving to Android, I'm not sure they count as a separate entity at this point.
  • They will probably be beating Microsoft regardless. Their flagship is actually awesome and has some differentiation. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • 1.7%... Its pathetic...pathetic that only 1.7% of smartphone users have real brain and get some good smartphone experience :D
  • This is the sales number of the Quarter, not the market share. Didn't expect a click-bait headline from WC.
  • Well overall marktshare is much lower than those 1.7%.
  • 1.7 of them are fanboys.. Android is superior also ios ...
  • Get outta here then.
  • Lol nice try
  • Hahaha im with you bro, but is just a trend... The same when blackberry was the best or nokia or potato phone will be!!
  • If you read the article properly that is the percent of the new devices, to which you add the windows phones already owned
  • 100% agree. Again, Apple has had a small market share in PCs forever, but no one question their commitment. Everyone is questioning Microsoft/Nadella's commitment to Windows Mobile. If that continues much longer, the platform will die by perceived apathy.
  • Maybe becaue Apple always made shitloads of money with the Macs since they introduced the iMac and Microsoft always made shitloads of losses with Windows Phone / Windows Mobile? In the last quarter Microsoft lost on average 40$ on evey Lumia they sold. Even when Nokia was still around and was getting money from Microsoft Nokia lost money on every Lumia they sold (around 20 Euro per device).
  • Not really surprised. We already knew Lumia sales tanked last quarter (Microsoft's quarterly earnings report) in anticipation of Windows 10 Mobile and the expected flagship devices. So nothing to see here people, move on ;-)
  • Anticipation since 2011 ^^ Microsoft is not really putting much effort into this mobile thing.
  • Yup, true that.
  • What island?
  • "We already knew Lumia sales tanked last quarter (...) in anticipation of Windows 10 Mobile and the expected flagship devices."   Here's some news for you, mate: WP sales were NEVER based on flagship devices. If you look at the charts of the most popular WP devices, with the exception of the Nokia 920, all other popular WPs were low end phones. So there's no "tanking" in "anticipation of WP10 and flagship devices". WP made its marketshare a couple of years ago based on the low end offerings like the Nokia 520. And what hasn't lacked since were budget WP devices.
  • WP really needed (in addition to OS and platforms improvements) another 920 -like phone; a phone containing all sorts of new amazing tech. Instead it's been very unevenly gradual improvements. Even the 950, which makes a very good package (size and appearances debatable), brings little new, and what it brings are not very marketable.
      Things have gone pretty much as you predicted: market share has tanked since the Nokia Devices acquisition.
  • Microsoft's biggest phone movers were vaue phones. Microsoft relied on massive number of different types of phones that allowed their numbers to be high. Once Microsoft announced the reduction of their line to just three tiers, THAT was when it would be come obvious the marketshare would drop. I tend to agree, however, that Lumia 950 [XL] would result in an increase in sales. Microsoft is starting from scratch with Windows 10 mobile and it'll take a while before we see positive numbers.
  • Sure...sure, I believe it. =]
  • They started from scratch going from WP7 to 8 because they changed the kernel and apps became incompatible. Afterwards backwards compatibility is maintained for the most part.
  • Same from wp 8 to 8.1 and now 10 that's the reason of some company (Like newsrepublic) left, a small company can't afford to update an app each now and then for all ms OS reboots
  • Apps needed to be written going from 8 to 8.1? Or going from 8.1 to W10M? Definitely not for the last one because the current store has tons of apps that were written for 8.1 but work fine in W10M. Yes, there might be exeptions like apps written so poorly that they are coupled with the OS version.   In general, I don't understand why you call each of these a reboot.