Gears Pop! full Xbox Achievements revealed, coming to mobile and Windows 10

What you need to know

  • Gears 5 is an upcoming third-person shooter from Microsoft's The Coalition studio.
  • Gears Pop! is a free-to-play tactical mobile game for Android, iOS, and Windows 10.
  • Microsoft just revealed Gears Pop!'s Xbox Achievements.
  • You can preorder Gears Pop!'s big brother, Gears 5, for $50 on Amazon.

At Gamescom 2019, Microsoft provided a number of new announcements and details about the Gears of War franchise. While Gears 5 is an upcoming third-person shooter from Microsoft's The Coalition studio, Gears Pop! is a mobile game that's a lot of fun.

Gears Pop! launches on August 22, so the wait won't be too long to get your hands on it. It's a free-to-play title so there's no risk in testing it out. Doing so will also net you some sweet, sweet Gamerscore. There are 45 Xbox Achievements in the game and they total to 1,000 Gamerscore. You can read about them below.

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It ain't easy, bein' green…Complete the Tutorial10
TrooperPlayed 150 Troop Pins in Versus5
FortifiplaytionPlayed 25 Fortifications in Versus10
Projectile ProPlayed 25 Armaments in Versus10
For SeraKilled the enemy Leader with the Hammer of Dawn in Versus10
TerritorialCaptured 1000 pieces of cover in Versus30
CoveredWon a Versus Battle where you captured all available cover positions20
UncoveredWon a Versus Battle without capturing cover30
SuperiorWon a Versus Battle without losing any of your Outposts10
Superiority ComplexWon 100 Versus Battles without losing any of your Outposts30
The cavalry has arrived!Killed 50 enemy Pins with Carmine's Shotgun Blast skill in Versus Battles20
Player Pop!Played 10 Battles in any multiplayer mode5
Pro Player Pop!Played 500 Battles in any multiplayer mode30
Prime Player Pop!Played 1000 Battles in any multiplayer mode60
Coalition of Ordered WinsFully upgraded your Win Streak Gear Pack before opening it30
CorporalReached Player Level 510
SergeantReached Player Level 1020
MajorReached Player Level 2050
Put a Pin in itCollected a new pin from a Gear Pack5
Put 20 Pins in itCollected 20 different Pins20
Pin-nacle 1Upgraded a Pin5
Pin-nacle 2Upgraded a Pin 3 times10
Pin-nacle 3Upgraded a Pin 10 times20
Pin-nacle 4Upgraded a Pin to max level50
Arena HunterGot promoted in Arena or League once5
Arena MasterGot promoted in Arena or League 3 times20
League RookieReached the first league30
League LegendGot promoted to the highest League50
Bolo me awayKilled 5 units at once with a single Frag Grenade in Versus10
Power TripSpent 100,000 Power in any multiplayer mode30
Squad GoalsNamed one of your Squads5
Time to Go!Destroyed 10 enemy Outposts with Kait Diaz in Versus10
Well we're not here to sell cookies!Used Marcus Fenix to capture 6 different pieces of cover in a single Versus battle20
Rapid EngagementWon a Versus Battle within 2 minutes15
DominantWon a Versus Battle 3 to 015
Common PurposeWon a Versus Battle with a Squad consisting of only Common rarity Pins15
War Chest 1Earned 20,000 Coins10
War Chest 2Earned 200,000 Coins15
War Chest 3Earned 2,000,000 Coins20
The Big BadDefeated a Boss in Horde10
Ankle BusterCleared 50 Horde Waves10
In the PocketCleared 250 Horde Waves30
Endless SummerCleared 500 Horde Waves50
Never Go AlonePlayed Horde with 20 different allies30
Seriously Pop!Defeated 100,000 pins, won 1000 Versus Battles, reached highest League and cleared 1000 Horde Waves100

Be sure to check out Gears Pop! on August 22. The game is surprisingly deep and the microtransactions don't seem like they're pay-to-win, at least in our early impressions. You can even "preorder" the title, despite the fact that it's free, by searching for it on the Apple App and Google Play stores. It's also coming to Windows 10 with cross-save across all devices.

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