Gears of War 4 adds 11 new achievements with March update

If you're looking to add a little more gamerscore to your tally, Gears of War 4's latest update will be worth a look. Developer The Coalition has added 11 new achievements to the mix, along with some weapon loadout changes and more.

According to The Coalition, the new achievements are meant to provide a challenge for Versus players as well as an educational opportunity for Horde players to get better with classes. None of the achievements are retroactive, so you'll have to go out and get each one following the update, no matter your previous exploits. Here's a look at all of the new achievements:


  • Slaying It (100G) – Get 5,000 kills in Versus Multiplayer from March 2018 onwards (Public Only)
  • I'm on Fire! (50G) – Earned 5 kills in Versus Multiplayer with more kills than deaths (Public Only)
  • Getting Competitive (50G) - In Versus, win 25 matches in Competitive playlists (Public Only)


  • School Of '08 (25G) – In Private Horde, complete 50 consecutive waves of Horde on Hardcore or higher without the team building any fortifications
  • Quick And Dirty (50G) – Complete 25 consecutive waves of Horde Lite or Frenzy
  • In and Out (50G) – Complete 25 consecutive waves of Horde Lite or Frenzy on Insane
  • Know Your Role: Scout (35G) – As a Scout, pickup 10,000 power during active combat in one Horde match
  • Know Your Role: Engineer (35G) – As an Engineer, build 10 fortifications you have an active Card for in one Horde match
  • Know Your Role: Heavy (35G) – As a Heavy, add 50 ammo for launchers or Heavy Weapons in a Weapons Locker in one Horde match
  • Know Your Role: Sniper (35G) – As a Sniper, headshot 30 Scions, Pouncers, DR-1s or Snipers in one Horde match
  • Know Your Role: Soldier (35G) – As a Soldier, kill 40 enemies from cover and have 100 Lancer kills in one Horde match

In an attempt to address concerns over the impact of the Hammerburst on matches in Core Tuning, The Coalition has dropped it as a loadout weapon. Instead, Hammerburst can be picked up as a secondary weapon across several maps.

Aside from some other minor tweaks, that's about it for the March update. Players will have some upcoming events to look forward to, however, including a St Patrick's Versus Event on March 9, which will feature a variant on Arms Race alongside a new St Patrick's themed weapon. The Coalition is also teasing more Midnight Omen skins for players to go after in the game's next event, along with a snipers-only "Bunny Hunt" event for Easter.

Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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