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Gears of War 4 free to play this weekend with Xbox Live Gold

Microsoft is gearing up for another round of free play days on Xbox One this weekend, and, this time, Gears of War 4 is on the menu. The game will be free to play for Xbox Live Gold members throughout the weekend, running from January 31 through the end of the day on February 3.

Gears of War 4 first landed in 2016, so it's a bit long in the tooth at this point. Still, this weekend should give anyone who hasn't acquainted themselves with the series a chance to check it out in all of its brutal glory. And if you have an Xbox One X, the game is enhanced and runs at up to 60fps in 4K with HDR.

Once the weekend is over, you can keep all of your progress if you decide to buy Gears of War 4. Alternatively, all of the titles from the Gears of War series are also available as part of Microsoft's Xbox Game Pass subscription service, so you can make your way through the entire series by signing up.

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  • Cool. But perhaps they shouldn't be charging for online multiplayer in the first place.
  • Do you think it doesn't cost any money for the servers that have to be set up and maintained for the online multiplayer to be possible?
  • Yes it costs money. Money that is earned through purchasing the game. They don't need any more on top of that.
  • An initial purchase doesn't cover ongoing costs. You might as well say "I shouldn't have to pay for petrol because I paid for the car".
  • Somehow PC developers get by without changing for multiplayer.
  • And console developers don't charge you for multiplayer either, it is the device manufacturer and that is because they don't just have to provide services for their own games, they need to provide it for ALL games.
  • Will probably take a weekend to download.
  • Given that it's about 80GB, you're not wrong.