Gears of War 4 is now free to try through June 15

If you have yet to give Gears of War 4 a go, now is your chance. Microsoft has kicked off a free trial period for the latest entry in the main Gears series, running from June 9 through June 15.

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During the trial period, Gears of War 4 is completely free to try for up to 10 hours of gameplay. The only caveat to be aware of has to do with the campaign, where only the first chapter will be available to play. Still, that's just enough to give you a pretty good taste of what to expect from the rest of the game.

Aside from the first chapter of the campaign, you can use the 10-hour trial to check out as much multiplayer as you like. That also includes all of the new content included in the recent "Rise of the Horde" update, and new players will get bonuses as they level, including weapon skins and horde skills. Everything you earn in the trial will also carry over if you buy the game.

If you're down to give Gears of War 4 a shot, you can download the game and give it a shot on your Xbox One now.

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Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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  • Pues lo compre para dias de oferta en windows 10, y la descarga va tan lento que ya me he pasado 2juegos en lo que espero que se descargue.
  • Great game, can't wait to finish my Ryzen build to pay it in PC using the mouse and keyboard
  • Nice! I REALLY Don't have 102 GB for this though :(. I mean.... 102 GB!!!!!!!!
  • They're absolutely insane making you download 102 GB for a game. Insane.
  • Once you download it, it'll compress further - the retail game is less than 60 gb with all updates and patches 
  • I might play a bit of Gears this weekend, it's been a while since I jumped on.
  • Para nos aqui do brasil que possuímos uma internet muito ruim e muito cara, baixar esse game que possui cerca de 79 gigabytes em apenas 07 dias só para testar é praticamente inviável...
  • The downside is the download is frickin' huge.
  • Unfortenately the download time took my play time, now its downloaded but i cannot play annymore :-(
    The game said ready to start , so i was in the gow menu, but there i was unable to  start te game , it was still downloading.
    Now its downloaded, but it tell me the trial period is over, not cool Microsoft, i am so dissapointed.
  • Are you brain dead? Why wouldn't you close out the game instead of sitting there waiting.    This is may be the dumbest thing I've ever heard.