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Gears of War 4's October update adds new maps and Xbox One X support

Despite saying that the Xbox One X patch would be available with this update, they didn't exactly reveal what enhancements the game will be receiving on Microsoft's upcoming console. However, the maps are other changes in the patch are of note.

Fuel Depot and and Lift Apex are the new maps joining the game. Fuel Depot's large size provides a lot of opportunities to flank and catch opponents out in the open. There's also a closed warehouse in there which gives those who prefer a shotgun to shine. Lift Apex builds upon the original by reimagining the design of the map without the mechanics of a moving lift and expanding territory. The Coalition have made it more tactical this time around. For those of you who don't know, both of these maps are from previous Gears of War games and have been altered to make them better.

When can you play these maps you may be asking? Well, season pass (opens in new tab) holders can play both of them from October 23, 2017. They'll be available to play for free in public matchmaking on October 30, 2017. If you're a season pass holder and play these maps from Monday, then you also earn double experience and extra credits.

The Coalition are moving away from the double experience and credit bonuses, but they're introducing a few perk called "Map Owned". If you own a map you happen to be playing on, then you get a permanent increase in experience and credits whenever you play on it. It's a simple and effective solution. This means every player who owns the base version of Gears of War 4 will get this bonus across the ten original maps. Season pass holders will get this bonus across all 34 maps.

That's it for this update but Gears of War 4 has plenty of more content coming soon. There's obviously Halloween at the end of the month and Gears of War's anniversary in November. Both of these events will feature new characters and other items. Be sure to keep a lookout for them and we'll update you as soon as we know what enhancements the Xbox One X version of Gears of War 4 contains.

As with any update—especially one which supports higher-resolution visuals—expect the game's size to increase. The title is already massive and it may surpass 100 GB when the Xbox One X patch drops. Be sure to get those external hard drives ready because this will probably be the norm going forward.

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  • I "borrowed" the game from my nephew. Haven't touched it. Will play it for the first time when my Xbox one X arrives
  • My goodness the windows central app is way better on Android than it is on windows mobile. I don't regret my switch. Anyways I wished they released some fresh new maps instead of remakes.
  • Agreed, the map collection has been a pretty lazy effort on their part so many remakes instead of new designs. The double XP is great though, since I have the season pass it's actually a lot more worthwhile now.  
  • Why Xbox is taking so long to release other games 4K Assets? I have Forza7 but im waiting to play first on the X version of the game. My connection is slow and it takes long to download GB´s. Please hurry up releasing those 4K patches because there are people like me who want to download them before the X releases on Nov 7th.
  • Ditto, only have 5Mbps which is bad enough for downloads but of course also have to pause them when watching any streaming media or working from home too... At least the 100GB of GoW4 already shows as X ready...if it needed another 100GB I’d just uninstall it as only keeping to play coop.  Not got Forza yet but saving Shadow of War for the X arrival so hope that starts downloading x assets soon!
  • @fishyuk i heard that besides checking "keep apps & games up to date" and "Download 4K content" you will also have to set your xbox as "Instant On". So that the downloads of 4K assets happens in the background, its nothing you can control, it just happens in the background.
  • Gow4 was 113GB. How big will it be after update?
  • I imagine even bigger. Maybe 130 GB?