Gears of War Ultimate Edition and Killer Instinct will be coming to PC

If you're a PC gamer looking to get in on some of the Gears of War Ultimate Edition that was announced for the Xbox One during Microsoft's E3 2015 press event, you're in luck. The Coalition's Rod Fergusson took to the stage during E3's PC Gaming Show to announce that the remastered Gears of War will be coming to PC.

There weren't a whole lot of details to be gleaned from the announcement, but Fergusson did confirm that the PC version of Gears of War Ultimate will support 4K displays and unlimited refresh rates, standing in contrast to the console version's 1080p limit. Additionally, the game will support mouse and keyboard input in addition to wireless controllers, along with Xbox Live and game DVR support.

Finally, Xbox chief Phil Spencer was on stage as well, announcing that the fighting franchise Killer Instinct will be coming to PC at some point in the future as well.

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  • now give me halo 5 and forza 6, with crossplatform xbox-pc multiplayer
  • I'll be happy with master chief collection
  • Indeed, I want to see MCC on PC asap and a New Age of Empires game.    
  • I'm surprised they didn't announce Halo: MCC too. I thought for sure they would. Maybe they're saving it for Gamescon. They really need to go all in on Xbox for Windows 10. I don't know why they're hesitating so much--perhaps because it's still not 100% functional and feature complete yet. Maybe they want to get all of that ironed out before announcing a port to PC.
  • They need to do it before people stop caring alltogether. Rockstar made that mistake with GTA V on PC, they delayed it so much that when it came out I no longer cared and will get it in a few years at 75% off; if Microsoft delays MCC on PC for much longer same might be the case with that even when they eventually do announce it.    
  • Lol speak for yourself. I, together with millions of others, very much cared when GTA V came out for pc and it definitely the best version of it.
  • LOL I did speak for myself, "when it came out I no longer cared and will get it in a few years" maybe pay attention when you are reading.  
  • I respect your opinion but, given the astronomical amount of money rockstar made, it is evident that people will buy an excellent product irrespective of the delay. You think people won't buy Red Dead Redemption if those idiots at msft finally relinquish their grip on that gem? Even after all these years people still post petitions. Sure buy games on a sale whenever you feel like it. At least it's there to buy. That's the point.
  • RDR isnt being witheld by microsoft. R* games has said many times that their code for that game is a complete mess and they dont want to even attempt to port it over to PC.
  • While I dont disagree with you, the GTA online experience is infested with hackers on the PC version. Every lobby I join now has hackers in it. At least they give everyone free money half the time :P
  • This is huge for KI gaining more traction in the fighting game community.
  • SFV is ps4 and PC exclusive - no xbone... Wonder how KI will fare. Different segments but it's going to get interesting...
  • Killer Instinct cross-buy and cross-play
  • Awesome.
  • MS is really stepping up it's PC game! Time to drop in another video card for some 4K sweetness.
  • Just sell whatever you have and get an AMD Fury :)
  • Stepping up would be announcing the MCC for PC, they gave us Halo 1 & 2 and them fucked over all PC gamers with not giving us the sequals. Also what the hell is holding back a new AOE game; way to kill the franchise by shutting down AOEO and then doing nothing except some shitty mobile micro transaction bullshit.      
  • So Microsoft gave a free version of Age of Empires and nobody care... why would people care about it?....stop being clueless and use your brain a litle. AoE doesn't sell or people want it. again AOEO was free. I got all civilizations and nobody played it.
    they released a AoE2 remastered if thats nothing to you. of course it doesn't sell much and again. nobody care. so again. AoE is dead. most people don't even care about RTS games besides starcraft... nothing else matters. if it's not something like LoL or Dota or HoN. or it doesntt have a RTS branded as blizzard... well it won't become popular today. again. look what happened to AoEO. and think if anything today will change how popular AoE is. it closed because nobody was interested evwn if it wad fully FREE and you could get everything in game. free and people ratger paid for starcraft? yeah it makes sense wasting time and money making a new AoE.
  • And both Halos were awful PC ports. Especially the 2nd one.
  • Yeah, they're re-releasing on PC the only Gears that was already released on PC!
  • I'm happy with the cross buying features, bigger push for cross platform games, oculus... These are all good things. But I'm still content with my Nvidia cards for now ;)
  • We need A PC version of Halo now.
  • Well it's a good time to be a PC gamer! Now all we need is Halo. Releasing it even a few months after the Xbox launch would be fantastic. 
  • Yeaaaahhh
  • Will gears have achievements on windows 10?
  • Then I can earn the same achievements I already earned on pc for gears 1 all over again
  • Just give me forza 6 so that I can trash that 350$ forzaplayer
  • Who think that if the coming of gow rem and ki on pc means that are coming the biggest titles as halo5, forza or gow4 i say lol you're completely wrong. 1)Phil stated months ago that titles like halo5 will never come to PC because of the value that this exclusives adds to the console. 2)you can't event compare the "weight" of a gow1rem or KI to an halo5 or a forza6, it's just hoping in nothing. So if you care about an halo5 on pc, buy an Xbox one and enjoy it on the only place where you can play it. After that as a pc/console gamer I'm very fine with this type of titles (also like fable or gigantic) coming in crossplay platform between win10pc and xone. I'm fine even with hmcc on PC, after the release on xone of halo5 obviously.
  • I was hoping for an E3 announcement that ALL first party games going forward will come to xbox and windows 10.  I'd also move away from saying PC and start saying the Windows 10 Store. PC seems like an ambiguous term nowadays.
  • Agreed. I thought he was going to go all in, and say Xbox is their platform, and it's a platform that hits all Windows 10 devices, therefore all first-party games will be cross-play and cross-buy, as Xbox games, available via the Xbox One or Windows 10 Stores only, and that they would incentivize third-party developers to bring all of their Xbox One games to Windows 10 as Xbox games too. In that vein, if they can now run an Xbox 360 emulator on Xbox One, why can't they run that same emulator on Windows 10? Put all those Xbox 360 titles in the Windows Store as Xbox games? It would instantly make the Windows 10 Store one of the best gaming stores on the planet.
  • Games don't have to be release simultaneously,  within a year is more than acceptable. Same comment for windows phone. There needs to be a windows device that can play games at least at the indie level. I thought the same thing!  Throw 360 emulation out there for compatible devices and then market that feature. Maybe this is just a test to see if it can work.
  • So what about the new Gears of War? Is it included in the ultimate edition? Or are we just getting the old games? Microsoft will show they care about PCs when we start getting all of the games at the same time (or at least announced at the same time) as the Xbox versions.
  • Screw 4K, at what framerate will it run? If it's locked at 30fps they can just stop right there and throw it in the bin.
  • I want Fable 2 and Gears 2/3 and I'll be happy.
  • I'm also surprised they didn't come out with Master Chief Collection for PC.  I figured with MS trying to make a strong push yet again into PC gaming they would have announced MCC for Windows 10.  There are certain franchises where the newest is just going to come to Xbox first, like Halo, Forza, Gears.  But I figured they would start launching these franchise games on PC about 12-18 months after the premier on Xbox One. 
  • Am I the only one wondering whether I can purchase  Gears of War and other Xbox games in the Windows 10 store as opposed to Steam. Are "full" non-tablet games ever going to release on The Windows 10 Store?
  • As long as GoW Ultimate Edition on PC contains the other GoW games from the 360 then count me in, otherwise Epic can take a hike. Why would I bother getting an "Ultimate Edition" just for a resolution hike. The original version I have supports 360 controllers, has GfW integration which effectively connects to Xbox Live and, with Windows 10, will be able to use GameDVR anyway!!!!
  • So why do I need an Xbox One if the games are coming to PC? Seems like having a PC and PS4 is the way to go?
  • Why?? Pc Gamers only play mmos and dotas and all that crap
  • old but good news today. I am sure it will be available on Windows store... I always thought it was dumb to release games on stupid steam and not on a store made by Microsoft. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android