German designer creates concept for Windows smartwatch, features Cortana

The rumors that Microsoft is developing its own Windows smartwatch continue to hit the Internet but this week a German designer named Nadir Aslam has posted up his own, and pretty impressive, concept of such a product.

As Aslam himself wrote:

"After all the leaks and rumours about Microsoft working on a smartwatch I wanted to show how a Microsoft Windows for Wearable OS could look like. I tried to keep the most important parts of the Windows design language: The focus on fonts (Segoe WP), eye-catching colours and movement and reduced that interface to the most important things."

Those ideas include supporting custom backgrounds for the smartwatch face, along with notifications for messages, Facebook posts and more. Yes, Aslam also thinks it might be a good idea to incorporate Cortana into such a device along with ways to quickly check out the weather, directions and more. Even apps like Xbox Music could be run on his concept design.

Of course, this third party creation may not even be close to what Microsoft may be creating for their own smartwatch. Indeed, all signs point to the company creating something that looks more like a fitness wristband. However, there are certainly a number of good ideas in user interfaces in this design that the company might want to take a look at for the future. What do you think of Aslam's Windows smartwatch concept?

Source: Behance

John Callaham