The amount of data created in a single day is staggering. Imagine trying to sift through all that data in order to create a cohesive report — it takes a skilled professional to do this job, and they're currently in high demand.

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If you've been thinking about breaking into this sort of career, you might have been let down by the high price of the courses, or you might be wondering exactly when you can fit the training into your schedule.

Windows Central Digital Offers has a deal on a Complete Data Science Certification Training Bundle. Instead of paying $699, you'll pay just $49. That's 92% off the regular price.

Access to this bundle of courses remains open for one year, and a certificate of completion is included. The bundle includes an introduction to R programming, Hadoop, Python, and Tableau, all powerful tools required by data scientists.

Certification is included in this $49 Data Science Bundle!

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With over 85 hours of content, you'll have a strong sense of data analysis following completion of this training bundle. At just $49, there's really no better time than now to get started.