Getting a black screen of death on your Xbox One? Here's how to (possibly) fix it

An Xbox bug appears to be affecting the way the dashboard loads from the internet. You can still navigate using the guide, and even boot games that are pinned or in your recent list, but other sections will appear blank.

Possible Fixes

  • I was able to fix it by performing a hard reset. Hold down your Xbox One's power button until it turns off, rather than pressing it once. The console will then go into a full reboot cycle and the dashboard should work once it loads. However, after turning off my console the normal way, the bug returned on the next boot.
  • Another way I was able to fix it was to open the guide, press "Home," and then instantly navigate away from the main dashboard to another tab. This seemed to prevent the bug from happening.
  • A third way is to set your console to offline mode, by disconnecting from Xbox Live via the WiFi settings.
  • If you reboot your Xbox One while the console in offline mode, then reconnect after it has finished rebooting, that has also fixed it for some users.

We're monitoring the situation and will update this article when it gets sorted out.

Have you received the bug on your Xbox One? Have you found any other workarounds? Let people know in the comments.

Updated January 30, 2019: A new widespread bug appears to be affecting Xbox One consoles in 2019. Although details are currently limited, Microsoft has detailed plans to issue a fix.

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  • What's weird is that nothing happened all night, the past couple hours its been doing it non stop. Rly annoying but you simply press the home button and select your pins or games and apps like I do and get it over with till fixed.
  • Btw I think mine is different to the report of the dude there. Mine is like the home screen crashes and everything turns black btw.
  • I reboot my router and while that was happening, I hard reset the Xbox. That fixed it for me. Mine was black screen and I could get the small window on the left to open but could not make any choices or move around with in the window. It was completely locked up. All fixed now.
  • When you hard reset the xbox did you lose any apps, games etc ?
  • Hard reset on the Xbox isn't like a phone. Most Xboxes don't fully power down, they just go into a low power standby state for quicker boot up. So holding down the power button for a hard reset just turns it completely off and clears the cache. You don't lose anything. Makes for a longer boot next time but it can solve a lot of problems with freezing, apps not loading, etc. and maybe this black screen as well. I haven't gotten the black screen on my X today but to avoid this I'm basically just keeping it on all day.
  • This is exactly what's happening to mine. How do you do a hard reset? I tried holding down the power button for 10 seconds but when I powered on after I still got the black screen again. Maybe I'm doing it wrong?
  • Haven't seen this before. Is there a firmware problem with exclusively older Xbox One (such as Day One Edition perhaps?) or has anyone seen it on One S?
  • I got it on my S.
  • Ah okay, thanks for the info and quick reply. Sounds like Microsoft is having server issues in that case. Could even be that they load scripts for the Dashboard and they made a script error that blocks the Dashboard from loading.
  • Yeah, seems related
  • happening right now on my One S GOW4 Blue 500GB edition console  
  • I had this issue and have since fixed it. It's very simple: 1) Unplug you xbox from the wall and leave it to turn off fully.  2) Now the xbox is completely off and unplugged, press and hold on the power on button on the xbox one for 30 seconds. It should not turn on or anything but it allows updates to process whilst your xbox is off.  3) Now turn your xbox back on and it should be fixed.
  • can anyone else confirm this?  
  • I did this and it worked!
  • How does pressing the power button down for 30 seconds without power do anything? There is no power supplied to the device so I'm just unsure that this could do anything.
  • It's similar to doing a reset on your cars computer you disconnect the battery and turn the key to on and let it sit. It flushes all of the juice out of the board and ensures all the memory is dumped. It's a probable solution in theory if there is an issue with the Xbox holding stuff in ram and not releasing it but a hard reset should give the same result.
  • Yes I have been.
  • "If you reboot your Xbox One while the console in offline mode, then reconnect after it has finished rebooting, that has also fixed it for some users. " worked for me just now. testing to see if it works after reboot  
  • I'm glad to see this article as I've been having this problem all day today and thought my Xbox was dead. It's a launch day console
  • My girlfriends Xbox One S Gears Edition -console had this problem this morning. Didn't find a way to fix it.
  • As an older gamer I can categorically say that I never had these kind of problems on my Sega Genesis . Bwahahahaha.
  • You probably never had alpha preview builds either. Bwahahahahaha.
    Little glitches such as this is kinda expected in Alpha preview builds. If one isn't comfortable with these little things change to production builds, easy.
  • It's a production problem too!
  • Alpha preview build? Is that what they are calling the retail edition of Mass Effect Andromeda these days? I remember when everything was shipped in its finished condition and a patch was something that you did if your shingles started leaking. Also, kids were politer back them, and ice-cream cost a Nickle, and the Russians were hiding under our beds. But seriously, this constant push to update things seems to be creating an environment were you cant depend in something that was functioning today to still be functioning tomorrow.
  • Look on the brightside.... Job security! :P. Joking aside, almost everything these days is not shipped as final products even most TVs. Most smart TVs, allow OEMs to force updates and break your TV or render it even more stupid through unoptimised firmware. Sure you can leave it unplugged from your router or unconnected from your WiFi's SSID but in doing so somehow prevents you from using Screen Mirroring (WiFi Direct) which is absolutely bizzare as the TV itself has it own WiFi SSID for that purpose. Not to mention TVs coming with "engines" that are supposed to make pictures look clearer and sharper. What most appear to be doing is speeding up frames. For instance when Tom Cruise runs away into the night in mission impossible, it looks like his running faster than Usain Bolt. Happens Every time that film has shown on TV lol.
  • I was having this on both my Xbox one's via wired connection. I tried hard rebooting them several times with no luck.. even factory reset one of them. Still doing it... So I restarted my router to check something and when both consoles disconnected from Xbox live..both dashboards went back to normal. So I decided to connect both via wifi and have had no issues since. Hopefully they find and fix whatever is causing the issue because I want wired connections! Lol
  • Bullet point 2 worked for me, but I also had this issue with the earlier update. Once the getting out of the blanik screen everything works fine after that.  
  • Happening on mine constantly and can't load some apps now without errors.
  • I'm pretty sure I read earlier in the week about some major planned Xbox Live maintenance happening this morning. I imagine that it's related. Anyway, I believe the maintenance window is now over, so hopefully everything is back to normal for everyone.
  • alpha xbox update yesterday claims to have fixed the issue
  • Mine had this starting last night
  • I literally just got word of this. Thankfully DC and reboot got things back. At least for now, that is. I'll see if the **** happens again but obviously I just had to check because... well, you never know when "Murphy's Law of Disorder" will strike next.
  • Microsoft is reporting an Xbox Live outage due to an update that they have identified as the cause and they are in the process of backing out the update.
  • The Methods worked!!! Everyone try all the methods, they really work!!!
  • I unplugged from the internet as soon as it happend :D and stayed offline.
  • The Live Core Services are down.
  • I rebooted it in offline mode and my home screen was there just fine. But as soon as I went back online my home screen went black again.
  • I know it's an old Post, but it seems to be happening again. Thanks for commenting on the issue, I was really nervous thinking it was toast. The older Xbox one is fine,but the Xbox one S is the one that is down so far. For me that is.
  • This happened to me last night...finally i fixed it ...rebooted my X multiple times
  • I have a black screen and I've tried everything and it won't turn on.