Halloween may have already passed but if you ever have the need to add a little spookiness to your photos, GhostCam for Windows Phone 8 might come in handy.

The photography app overlays a ghostly spirit to your photos to give them that supernatural feel.  The end result isn't too bad but the app could use a little fine tuning.

GhostCam launches straight to a camera viewfinder with your ghostly image already in place. You can tap and hold the ghost to move it about the frame.

GhostCam Viewfinder

If you need to flip the ghost and have them face left as oppose to right, just tap the triangle button in the upper left corner. In the upper right corner you'll find a ghost button that pulls up you ghost gallery.

Out of the box, GhostCam provides you with two ghosts to use. There are an additional 27 ghosts you can purchase through in-app purchases. You have groupings of ghosts ranging from Presidential ghosts to celebrity ghosts to alien ghosts. Each group will run you $.99 each.

GhostCam's Ghosts

Once you choose you ghost, position them in the frame it's simply a matter of pressing the shutter button. Once captured, you can save the image or share it.  

The concept has potential but there are a few bugs that need to be addressed. Every now and then, when you go to move your ghost about the viewfinder it disappears. Maybe it's camera shy but the only way to get it back is to re-launch the app.  The other bug has the ghost moving after you press the shutter button. You can line everything up just right, hold the Windows Phone rock steady and when your photo is through processing the ghostly image shifts about half an inch to the left.


Along with the bugs, GhostCam lacks any camera controls (everything is shot on automatic) which may not appeal to everyone.  GhostCam does a decent job of things but in brighter lit images, the ghost can fade to the point of not being seen.  I wouldn't mind seeing a setting to increase the opacity of the ghostly visitor for these situations.  Additionally, I wouldn't mind seeing portrait support with the ghosts.  Currently, you can only shoot landscape images.

All in all, while there is room for improvement GhostCam has potential. It can give you a few photos to back up your ghost stories around the campfire.  GhostCam is a free app for Windows Phone 8 (additional ghosts will cost you) and you can pick it up here in the Windows Phone Store.

Update:  GhostCam was updated overnight addressing the randomly disappearing ghost and tightens up the positioning of the ghost in the final image.  It's still slightly off but not as bad as it was.  The developer has also included a setting to mute the camera sounds and added 6tag integration so you can share all your ghostly photos on Instagram.

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