Windows Phone Twitter clients glƏƏk! and Cowlick! updated with instant push notifications

Liquid Daffodil is an established Windows developer with multiple apps available for both Windows and Windows Phone. glƏƏk! and Cowlick! are two Twitter clients for Microsoft’s mobile platform and today we’re covering two big updates recently pushed to the store. Pass the break to learn what’s new.

Both glƏƏk! And Cowlick! have hit version 2, enabling optional instant push notifications for free. The developer is utilising Windows Azure as the backend for the added feature and will be monitoring usage over the next week or so to see how everything works out. This is simply a free beta trial, if you will.

It’s worth noting that users can enable the new instant push notifications through in-app purchases in both apps (though the asking price is free). After the trial period ends (this Friday), the feature will set users back by $0.99, so it’s worth helping the developer out and test the services now as you’ll be able to keep the in-app purchase even after the price comes into play.

If you’ve never checked out glƏƏk! for Windows Phone, it’s a rather old app that’s been available on the platform for some time. Not only is it a fully featured Twitter client, but you’ve got custom notification sounds, color coding of tweeps, integration with Local Scout, the ability to view random tweets (known as pƏƏks) and much more. It’s a heavy app for power users.

Gleek Notifications

Cowlick! on-the-other-hand is a lightweight Twitter client, perfect for those who enjoy reading through tweets and don’t wish to have bloatware in the form of features they rarely use. The app has also been fully updated for the latest version of Windows Phone 8, and supports great theming, including both white and “Reverse Cowlick” themes with granular control over accent colors, etc

You can download both glƏƏk! and Cowlick! from the Windows Phone Store for $1.99 and $1.49 respectively (QR codes below).

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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