Gloomlogue is this week's myAppFree Windows Phone deal

Gloomlogue is an excellent Windows Phone photography app that lets you edit images in a gloom paint style. The Windows Phone app has over 150 special effects and borders to apply to your images as well as the core adjustments to get things just right.

Gloomlogue typically runs $.99 in the Windows Phone Store but through the myAppFree partnership, over the next twenty-four hours you can pick up Gloomlogue free.

Gloomlogue includes fifteen, adjustable gloom filters that include Normal, Cool, Warm, Noir, Vintage, Dusty, Vignette, Boosted, Faded, Milky, Shadow, Soleil, Lomy, Ombre and Poster.

Gloomlogue Editing

When you have the gloom mode set just right, you can access the app's photo editor. Some of the key tools for Gloomlogue include:

  • Text: If you need to add a label, phrase or any other text message to your image Gloomlogue has nice selection of fonts, colors and text sizes to choose from. Text can be centered or justified left or right on the image.
  • Adjust: This is where you will find exposure adjustments for brightness, contrast, exposure and saturation.
  • Filters, FX-Effects and Effects: These three features include 45 image filters, 14 special effects and 19 effects that can be applied to your images.
  • Blur and Enhance Tools: Here you can soften or auto-enhance your image as needed.
  • Sharpness: Gloomlogue has seven levels of sharpness to increase image detail.
  • Angle Tool: If you are so inclined, you can tilt your image with this free rotation tool that support 360 degrees of turn.
  • Light: Add a little bokeh or light leak effects with 33 light filters with adjustable opacity.
  • HDR: For those who prefer the High Dynamic Range look for photos, Gloomlogue will let you adjust the noise suppression, saturation and strength levels to give your photos that HDR look.
  • Mono: This tool lets you preserve one color tone while the other colors are converted to grayscale.

You also have the ability to adjust the RGB Color, add borders or frames, swap colors, distort images, adjust the orientation and tilt the picture. All in all, Gloomlogue is a feature rich photo editor to help you add a little zest to your Windows Phone photography.

Gloomlogue normally runs $.99 but over the next twenty-four hours through the myAppFree partnership you can pick the app up free. It is an excellent opportunity to add a solid editor to your Windows Phone photography library and save a little along the way.

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Download Gloomlogue for Windows Phone

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