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Some users are complaining of connection errors

Over the last few days we’ve been receiving some complaints about the two Xbox LIVE titles from Glu Mobile: Contract Killer and Gun Bros.

Both apps require online-server access in order to play them, which is certainly a lame requirement (e.g. no airplane usage). That’s on top of the numerous bugs that people have opined about with both games since their release.

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Now we’re getting isolated but frequent reports that players are having difficulty connecting to the servers, thereby making the games useless.

For what it’s worth, we haven’t seen this ourselves and when we just loaded up Gun Bros, it connected just fine allowing us to frag enemies like it was our job.

Certainly bogged down servers on Glu’s end or even just a lousy connection on your Windows Phone can have an impact on this system, so we’re not sure whom to blame, if anyone. We don’t see this as being a widespread server issue with Glu though but rather isolated incidents.

We have reached out to the Glu team for some feedback but as usual, these things can take days. In the meantime, take our poll below if you use either or both games and let us know if you’re having a problem.