Go to CES 2012 on Microsoft's dime

Tired of your editors being the only ones who get to go to CES?  Er...um, anyway, Microsoft is giving away a trip for two to Las Vegas to CES 2012.  Should you be lucky enough to win,  you will receive two round trip airfares, accommodations at The Palazzo hotel, and passes to CES, including keynote access.  You will also get $500 in gambling (Ahem!) spending money and a digital camera to snap pictures of the event for that Windows Phone site you write for...Oh, I mean...nevermind

To enter, go to the source link below and click Enter Now.

Source: Microsoft (FaceBook); Via: Microsoft News

  • Looked at this earlier, and I am upset.  Why do you have to have a Facebook account to do anything?  I feel like people people look at me as if I am not a human since I have no Facebook account.  Grrrr!
  • Again US only :(
  • Well, I did just buy a Canon t2i.....
    If I win I'll help ya'll cover it. ;)
  • Double....blegh......no delete button? Am I stupid? 
    The ad at the top says Gap winter must haves...but it's displaying shorts....and I live in North Dakota so it's not like I'm having a Texas winter or anything.