Windows 10's Precision Touchpad drivers work wonders when it comes to more precise scrolling and gestures on devices that support them. However, for the world's most popular browser, Google Chrome, Precision Touchpad support hasn't exactly been stellar. That's especially true when compared to something like Microsoft Edge, which makes Chrome's scrolling look janky. Fortunately, if Chrome is your go-to browser, it looks like that's about to change.

As spotted by Reddit user redartedreddit, Chrome's latest Canary developer build includes added Precision Touchpad support. The most obvious change is related to the pinch-to-zoom gesture, which moves in increments with a fair bit of lag in the current Chrome stable release. With the latest Canary build, using pinch-to-zoom moves in a smooth manner akin to what we've come to expect from something like a smartphone.

Precision Touchpad support on latest Chrome Canary from r/Surface

As this is a Canary build, development is still very much ongoing; code commits for pinch-to-zoom and Direct Manipulation were first spotted by XDA Developers in January. The experience will be iterated upon before heading to Chrome's release version, presumably with smoother scrolling enabled by default. For now, if you have a device with a Precision Touchpad, you can get a preview of Chrome's support with the latest Canary build, 67.0.3379.0. The beta and production builds may receive support in the coming months, but there's no telling when it may roll out.

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