Complete list of laptops with Precision touchpads

Precision Touchpads are a step up from the standard PC touchpads you'll find on most older laptops. Instead of your finger input being handled by various drivers, the input on Precision-grade touchpads is handled by Windows itself. Precision pads allow for more accuracy and some handy multi-touch gestures.

Not all Windows laptops have Precision Touchpads, but we scoured the internet to put together a list of the notebooks that do. (If you see an omission or a laptop that doesn't belong on the list, make sure to let us know.)

If you have a laptop with a Precision Touchpad, have a look at our guide to Precision gestures. And if you're in the market for a new laptop, don't forget to check out our pick for the best laptop based on its touchpad.

List of laptops with Precision touchpads









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