Google to end Chrome support for Windows XP and Vista in April 2016

If you are still using a Windows XP or Windows Vista PC, it's time to think about trading up. Microsoft ended support for Windows XP in 2014, and Vista's support will stop on April 11, 2017. Google plans to stop supporting and offering updates for its popular Chrome browser for both Vista and XP in less than a year.

Google stated:

"Today, we're announcing the end of Chrome's support for Windows XP, as well as Windows Vista, and Mac OS X 10.6, 10.7, and 10.8, since these platforms are no longer actively supported by Microsoft and Apple. Starting April 2016, Chrome will continue to function on these platforms but will no longer receive updates and security fixes. If you are still on one of these unsupported platforms, we encourage you to move to a newer operating system to ensure that you continue to receive the latest Chrome versions and features."

Source: Google

  • Anything that can make people upgrade. Good!
  • or make them change browser (easier and cheaper)
  • How isn't upgrading cheaper? Its free upgrade isn't it?
  • I think that's only W7 and up
  • Not if you are on XP and Vista. But this is good nonetheless.
  • The only browser left is Firefox, which I'm guessing will follow pretty soon
  • Mozilla Firefox doesn't support Windows XP at all. They require it to be installed on Vista, 7, 8, and 10
  • this is nothing new
  • Xp and vista should be buried by now.
  • Nobody uses vista, but xp.....
  • Very few use xp right now
  • Windows XP still has 15% market share (down from 40% before Windows 10 was released)
  • The only people using it are those in 3rd world countries that are using pirated versions of it.
  • WRONG, I know a lot of people who still use and LIKE vista...never mind companies... XP, I still see in use as much as 7...I work in IT..
  • I saw XP in use at a major hospital. I couldn't believe it.
  • Have a vu partition just to run tinker & a msdos vm(old school games that use protected mode) & some older games & w7 for everything else
  • I still have one Vista PC in use.
  • XP exists as a forked version in some cash registers. MS still supports those, I think.
  • #Scroogled again! /s
  • Hardly... this could finally get those XP users to upgrade to a newer OS (likely either Windows 7 or 10). So this is actually a win for Windows.
  • /s = sarcasm
  • Time to move to a Mac for sure!!  Gates has made enough on me!!!  
  • They were still supporting vista?
  • Amazing huh? Lifecycle of OSX is a lot shorter... 10.8 was released in 2012, while XP latest release was in 2008. Four years earlier and still supported by Google Chrome!
  • ...because it was still supported by MS and still had a relevant market share.
  • Vista is supported until April of 2017, which is approximately 10 years from launch. XP got extra life, but MS supports Windows for at least 10 years. There's the first 5 years, which is called "mainstream support" (meaning bug fixes and potentially new features or product updates), and then the "extended support" phase which runs through end-of-life (security updates only).
  • This will force more people moving to w10
  • Nah, they'll just stick with whatever browser they have been using..
    In my experience most older people tend to want to stick with XP because it is simple, and because it has Outlook Express. For sheer simplicity, it still hasn't been surpassed - and Google still allows Picasa images to be shared directly to Outlook Express.
    XP is still an amazingly usable OS...and I can see why people are entrenched and not wishing to upgrade.
  • Picasa still exist?.. :-0
  • It's more powerful than any Microsoft photo management yes, it still exists.
  • Never saw anyone using it since the days of XP ... My bad :-/
  • What about Google Plus?.. Still there?
  • Google Photos and Google+ is way better at photo management than Picasa (also owned by Google)
  • "Vista's support will stop April 11, 2017" "because they are no longer supported by Microsoft and Apple" Well, something doesn't seem right.
  • ""No longer "ACTIVELY" supported""
    ... You have the answer now :)
  • Well at least Google chrome did better than Microsoft in terms of Supporting.
  • How so?
  • They are giving every user a free cookie
  • and free trojan malware with each visit to online banking and email account access
  • Microsoft did the right thing by ending extended support in 2014. The original date was 2011 but then Microsoft was forced to push it for 3 more years because many companies didn't upgrade to Windows 7 / 8. The interesting thing will be if Google Chrome support ending will force the small percentage of people on XP to move on. At least move to Win7
  • more stupid comments by you? you really have a sad and pathetic life.
  • Finally google release XP
  • Microsoft should release some software to make WinXP users upgrade to Win 10 non-genuine license for free
  • I'm surprised they didn't recommend upgrading to a Chromebook
  • People who are still on XP don't have the technical savvy to really understand the cloud, or are keeping it for some work critical program that definitely wouldn't work in Chrome OS.
  • Yes and there are some programs/applications made for Windows 98 and XP that WILL NOT work on Windows 7 and 8 let alone Windows 10
  • Why not? Because those developers won't update it? What is keeping these programs from working on the newer operating systems?
  • yes and because the software company no longer exists? There are a lot of computers at my school's lab that run Win XP and Win 98 simply because they won't work on newwer computers. Some of the equipment is connected to computer through Serial and Parallel ports, and some are connected through COM ports. Also the software companies that made the programs, no longer exist and there are very few alternatives, so schools and businesses choose to stay on older computers
  • Even in compatibility mode or a VM? Edit: Seems like if they were critical applications, someone would have rebuilt them.
  • yeah it's sad to see really old computers still around and I wish people would hire developers to rebuild the programs to run on newer OS
  • I don't necessarily think its sad, I just think it's the next logical step. For example, if you're using a device that uses XP embedded to measure soil acidity near active volcanoes, wouldn't it make since to recode the applet to run in W10 embedded for a smaller, more efficient device? Logically, that equipment is going to break eventually, and that applies to everything. Sure, maybe parking ticket gateways running an embedded OS don't need upgrades every 4 years, but waiting until the system crashes and needs ~4 days for replacement seems like a risk.
  • The last version of XP embedded was released in 2009 and is supported through 2019, so while that may be a noble goal I wouldn't expect a migration to Win10 universal apps on that platform until at least the end of the decade.
  • 10 actually has better backward compatibility than 7/8...
  • Time to go to a Mac....  
  • I like Internet explorer and internet downloader manager .... Who cares Google and it's services
  • A lot of people do...its just that most of us here in WC doesn't ;)
  • I use YouTube more than most every other site. Just bring honest. I don't like Google but YouTube is just the best by far. If there were an alternative that was as mature, then I might consider switching. My website is also made on Google Sites. I don't like Google very much and I only use Bing and Edge, but they do some things very well.
  • That's it, I'm switching to Edge.
  • Edge is only available on Windows 10
  • No. I'm running it on Windows 95. It's great. It only takes a minute and a half to load web pages.
  • This is weird, vista isnt going eol for another 2 years but google goes like "nah fk u" As a vista user im... well i use firefox so i dont give a shit, but yeah.
  • Thanks but I will be using Edge from now on. I've had enough of Google and that definitely includes Android. I don't even use Chrome on Android anymore. I'm done with almost everything Google except YouTube and Google+. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Get rid of google + NOW!!   Google can activate your camera and you rmic (on your phone) at anytime through Google +.