Google Maps for WM Hits 2.2, Gets Transit Info

The arms race between Google Maps and Live Search continues. The latest salvo comes from Google, who have finally given Windows Mobile a feature they released awhile ago on BlackBerry: directions for mass transit. Check the video above to get a feel for it (yes, sadly, demoed on a BlackBerry). They have around 50ish metro areas covered (see a list here), limited currently to the cities that are “forward thinking” enough to bother getting their data to Google in the right format. In other words, the list is California-heavy and has some startling omissions like New York City(!) and some strange bits like including Duluth, MN but not the Twin Cities. Fortunately, more cities are coming.

[via Pocket PC Thoughts]

WC Staff
  • Nice feature, but I really think the opton we want is a spokeperson who has gone through puberty. That cracking, screeching voice makes me want to claw my ears. Come on google, this is the internet - hot chicks with nice voices, that's what we want.
  • Very cool. I could have used something like this during my trip to NYC instead of having to go to 2-3 websites to figure out how, when, and where to take the subway. Hopefully, they'll continue to add more transit systems.
  • I was very surprised to see Honolulu listed, so off to install it. Installed and tested. I can now walk, drive, ride the bus, anything. Wow. It even shows me how to walk a straight line to the beach.
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