We love some good competition around here and GoVoice, the original Google Voice application for Windows Phone 7, has gone 2.0 this morning making it quite attractive for those who rely on Google Voice services.

The big change is the use of GVMax, a donation-supported service that will handle the "pushing" of Google SMS and voicemail notifications to your phone (here's an overview of the service by LifeHacker). In conjunction with the live tile counter, GoVoice is the most full featured Google Voice app currently on the market (though we imagine the similarly named GVoice is going to try and play catch up real soon). You'll have to take a few minutes to set up GVMax, but it's quite painless from our experience.

The program is currently $2.99, though the developer, Nick Yu, is aiming to make it free while the push-service will cost $1.99 a year.

We'll be doing a review roundup of all the Google Voice apps currently available shortly. Stay tuned. Click here to open Zune Desktop to grab the free trial.