Linx 7

If you're looking for a new Windows tablet, there are numerous options available. To add to the list of affordable Windows 8 tablets, we have the Linx 7 listed on UK retailer website Ebuyer. The price comes in at just £79.98, or £50 after trading an old tablet in.

So what exactly do you get for the £50 (or £79.98 if you're paying the full price)? The Linx 7 packs in an Intel Baytrail Quad-Core CPU, 1GB RAM with 32GB internal storage, 7-inch display, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, 2 Cameras, runs full Windows 8 and comes with Office 365 Personal for free. It's quite the package for the small price.

Ebuyer expects to have stock from November 3.

Source: Ebuyer, via: Tech Radar