Graffiti artists around the globe bring murals to life using Surface

As part of Microsoft's "Do Great Things" campaign, the company partnered with graffiti artists around the globe, challenging each to create a mural on the Surface. Microsoft recently highlighted the project in a blog post detailing the partnership and highlighting the Surface's ability to mix art and technology. From Microsoft:

Each of these murals was created by a local graffiti artists drawing inspiration from our core theme of Do great things. The challenge was that each artist interpret this statement through the lens of their own work. The artists were encouraged to draw upon the people, places, and things that they find inspirational. Every mural can be identified by a blue border, but beneath the surface each artist used the latest devices from Microsoft to enhance their creative process.

Surface Mural

Microsoft says that graffiti artists took up the challenge and created murals in 17 cities in 12 countries around the globe over the course of five weeks. You can check out the full blog post, along with all of the murals at the links below.

Check out the murals designed on Surface

Source: Microsoft

Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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