Graffiti artists around the globe bring murals to life using Surface

As part of Microsoft's "Do Great Things" campaign, the company partnered with graffiti artists around the globe, challenging each to create a mural on the Surface. Microsoft recently highlighted the project in a blog post detailing the partnership and highlighting the Surface's ability to mix art and technology. From Microsoft:

Each of these murals was created by a local graffiti artists drawing inspiration from our core theme of Do great things. The challenge was that each artist interpret this statement through the lens of their own work. The artists were encouraged to draw upon the people, places, and things that they find inspirational. Every mural can be identified by a blue border, but beneath the surface each artist used the latest devices from Microsoft to enhance their creative process.

Surface Mural

Microsoft says that graffiti artists took up the challenge and created murals in 17 cities in 12 countries around the globe over the course of five weeks. You can check out the full blog post, along with all of the murals at the links below.

Check out the murals designed on Surface (opens in new tab)

Source: Microsoft

Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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  • This reminds me of Zune's artwork.
  • I still miss the simplified Zune.
  • Now vandalism to a new level, wow!. Graffiti is for losers who can't afford going to a proper art schools.
  • Respect Art, man
  • I could be wrong but I think these were sanctioned projects so no law breaking was done =).
  • So...people that can't afford a proper education are losers. May want to reflect a little on your own life if that is truly how you feel. You little puke.
    To be clear, I don't support illegally paining buildings. I live in a downtown area where it is a problem at times and it is quite annoying and frustrating. My comment was in regards to your specific comment. You little puke.
  • You're a puke on your graffiti infested wall. If I have a little life I wouldn't be living in downtown, unlike you. Maybe try to reflect on your life too and refine your attitude.
  • It's sad how negatively are you thinking, when MURALS are ALLOWED by the people who own the wall and they even PAY the person for doing it. + Murals are way different then graffiti. Graffiti is about letters, murals are usually characters and "public-friendly" pieces
  • I've read a lot of dumb things on the internet & this has to be right up there. Go to Wynwood district in Miami and especially during Art Basel and try to say that. There is actually such a thing as sanctioned graffiti authorized by cities or states
  • You're so wrong! Some of this artist have degree education in art.
  • Sounds cool...
  • Odeith from Portugal, this guy is amazing. His 3D work is amazing.
  • It would be nice if, next time, they'd leave their artworks in the tablets instead of polluting the urban landscape with them. It's not as bad as "tags" but it's definitely worse than normal walls without cartoons.   (And sorry, but no, I do not consider graffiti to be "art". It's as much art as twerking is dancing.)
  • Its depends. Twerking would look vulgar. It depends upon what the graffiti artist are doing with their art. They can design something vulgar or something creative too.
  • So if Monet had painted on a wall it would be visual pollution?
  • From cave paintings to sanctioned murals and now these graffiti, man has always tried to express that which is completely subjective and usually beyond expression. Certainly, simply defacing something is not necessarily "art." However, in this case, while these may not last as long as stained glass in churches and Michalangelo's scrawlings, many should be considered what they are. A creation of the spirit of the creative artist. Just as I am not wild about 12-tone music you are entitled to your opinion about this. But of course, it is only your opinion and that and $3 will buy you a cup coffee.
  • Dope stuff to see.