Grand Theft Auto V gets crazy with GTA Online: Cunning Stunts racing DLC on July 12

Grand Theft Auto V players in GTA Online will be able to get wild and crazy on July 12 with the Cunning Stunts DLC release for the PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4. The expansion offers new cars and over-the-top racing modes and locations.

The trailer for Cunning Stunts does a great job showing what GTA Online players can expect from the DLC release. The gameplay looks very similar to Ubisoft's Trackmania franchise. GTA V publisher Rockstar Games says:

Stunt Races happen on a massive scale, towering above the Los Santos skyline or soaring between treacherous blades of RON Alternates Windmill Farm. Vehicles tear upside-down through loops and tubes, launch off ramps with extra propulsion from speed strips, diverge and merge across multiple pathways, and speed through gigantic rings of fire in death-defying new Races.The jumps, gaps, terrain, and obstacles in each Race are tailored to match the attributes of specific vehicle classes, including new Super cars, Sports cars and Motorbikes. And of course, racing livery-clad vehicles deserve appropriately tatted and dressed drivers, sporting new motocross gear, racing suits, helmets and a host of other additions.

If you have yet to try Grand Theft Auto V, the Xbox One digital version is currently on sale for 30% off for regular owners or 40% off if you are and Xbox Live Gold member

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  • I love how much support and care is given for this game by its developers. Every other game developer should follow suite. I am glad I brought this game during last year steam sale.
  • Brought it where? =P
  • lol thats mean!
  • Should be noted that the only care is given to the multiplayer while the single player part is all but abandoned.
  • You mean no more storyside DLC for the main campaign right? I feel ya. I wish there was more to the story too.
  • O.O
  • Is it a free update?
  • Yes, all updates are free
  • Lol... Stunning C-U-N-T-S ! 
  • Ripped straight from carmageddon. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I guess they meant it lol
  • Prefer trackmania
  • Hahahah, cool.
  • It's nice that they support the game years after launch, but they should make all content available for both offline and online modes.
  • OMG wha the phu......that looks crazy!!!!!
  • God the trailer even has that gay euro trance bang bang music!!! lol