Great MEDC Preview Video

Microsoft's Mobile and Embedded DevCon is a little more than a month away and it's looking to be a great conference to WM developers. They have a cool blog up where I caught a great video (embedded after the break) "interview" with WM Product Manager (and MEDC organizer) Derek Snyder.

There are a few bits of insight into how Microsoft tries to help developers interact with carriers (Developer "Speed Dating" FTW!) plus a bit more about why Microsoft moved to the new naming scheme (which, by the way, I'm now on board with). It's funny, too, wouldn't you know? I like that not only is there a lighthearted attitude amongst Microsoft's WM team, but also that they share it with the world.

Dave and Rich from the NxtGenUG tried to capture an interview with me for their video podcast. Little

Check out the video after the break.

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Video: Dave and Rich Try to Interview Derek Snyder

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