Groove Music takes Xbox Music's place on the Xbox One

Microsoft announced plans to rebrand its Xbox Music service for Windows 10 to Groove Music (actually just "Groove") for Windows 10 earlier this month. Now that Windows 10 has launched globally, it's time to also rebrand the Xbox Music app for Xbox One to the new Groove Music name.

If you own Microsoft's game console, you should see an update available for Xbox Music to download that will rename the app as Groove Music. It looks like Microsoft is still a little confused on the branding, as they had told us previously that the service was just named "Groove" but the apps are labeled as "Groove Music". However, we have been told that the "Music" part will be dropped eventually.

In case you are wondering why Microsoft is making this name change in the first place, the company wants to keep the Xbox brand focused just on gaming, rather than continue to use it to include music. That's also why the Xbox Video app has been rebranded as just Movies & TV for Windows 10.

John Callaham